The Good Cop's Garbage

There have been so many movies and television shows filmed here in Hunters Point South the past few years and now these productions are just getting out of control. We have become the Hollywood of NYC.

The past couple of weeks alone, they were filming The Good Cop, Enchanted,  Blue Bloods and that's just to name a few. Most of these productions are all filming at the same time.

Good Cop Production
Residents are starting to get very angry. They are having their parking spaces being taken away, they are being towed and the mess left behind is disgusting. The Photo above shows you just one mess that The Good Cop left on our streets last week. All these productions leave food thrown everywhere from their catering trucks, their notices are left on the poles and trees and when they do take the time to remove the notices after the filming is done, they leave the tape that damages the trees and look horrible on the light poles. Endless bags of garbage just left anywhere, even in the park.

It seems that the The Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting is not even thinking when they issue these permits. They have them stacked up, day after day with no thought that this is a residential neighborhood now and the inconvenience this is causing to the residents. What bothers me the most is litter. Litter everywhere. It has to stop!