David Arquette And Derrick Redford

BURBANK, CA - David Arquette has joined the cast of Memphis Fire, a half-hour single-camera comedy pilot shot in Digital 4K about Firefighters in Memphis, Tennessee, announced show creator and writer Derrick Redford. Memphis Fire is independently produced by Redford and Auriel Jimenez. The pilot was co-written by Jeremy D. Howard, directed by Christopher Biewer.

Memphis Fire stars Arquette, Redford, Noel Gugliemi, Peter Organ, Jeryl Prescott, and Jen Kater.

"I believe that TV is the new frontier for really great story-telling and the best stories are about Firefighters in the Deep South," said Redford, who is originally from Chattanooga, TN. "I'm very excited to share 'The South' as I know it, with this show. Everyone has two first names and southern hospitality is King," he added.

David Arquette and Derrick Redford behind the scenes photo from the set of Memphis Fire.

Arquette plays Johnny Roberts, aka "Chief Roberts, a lovable screw-up who tries to keep everyone in his family and fire station crew from setting themselves on fire. Chief loves his family, his city, and pancakes, in that order. A simple man, he became a fire fighter because his father was a fire fighter, then was promoted to chief because he had been there the longest, and for no other reason at all.

"Memphis Fire is hilarious, and I love working with Derrick," said Arquette.

In Memphis Fire, the brave-ish men and women of Memphis Fire give a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of fire fighters in the Deep South. Their motto is, "You can't FIRE a 'Volunteer' Fire Fighter!" Led by Chief Johnny Roberts (Arquette), the fire fighters of Memphis Fire attempt to keep their community safe -- mainly from themselves. In this highly irreverent comedy, the settings are all Memphis based. Station 4771, a typical fire station, is where Johnny and his son Johnny Roberts Jr. (Redford) work together and explore the dynamic of their relationship as father and son as well as co-firemen.

Johnny and JR are only fifteen years apart in age due to Johnny having an overly explosive hose as a kid which adds to their unusual relationship. The other firefighters and Johnny's family, round out this hilarious cast of fire loving miscreants. Along with the fire house, settings also include The other sights around town...that catch on fire.

Arquette is represented by Jonathon Perry and Sheva Cohen at Agency for the Performing Arts(APA), and Patrick Hughes at Foundation Media Partners. Redford is represented by Desiree Middlebrook at McCaffrey Talent. Gugliemi is represented by Gloria Hinojosa at Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier & Hinojosa Talent Agency (AEFH), and Joshua A. Edwards at E Cubed Management.

 Photo Courtesy Of: Roberson PR