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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


David Arquette And Derrick Redford

BURBANK, CA - David Arquette has joined the cast of Memphis Fire, a half-hour single-camera comedy pilot shot in Digital 4K about Firefighters in Memphis, Tennessee, announced show creator and writer Derrick Redford. Memphis Fire is independently produced by Redford and Auriel Jimenez. The pilot was co-written by Jeremy D. Howard, directed by Christopher Biewer.

Memphis Fire stars Arquette, Redford, Noel Gugliemi, Peter Organ, Jeryl Prescott, and Jen Kater.

"I believe that TV is the new frontier for really great story-telling and the best stories are about Firefighters in the Deep South," said Redford, who is originally from Chattanooga, TN. "I'm very excited to share 'The South' as I know it, with this show. Everyone has two first names and southern hospitality is King," he added.

David Arquette and Derrick Redford behind the scenes photo from the set of Memphis Fire.

Arquette plays Johnny Roberts, aka "Chief Roberts, a lovable screw-up who tries to keep everyone in his family and fire station crew from setting themselves on fire. Chief loves his family, his city, and pancakes, in that order. A simple man, he became a fire fighter because his father was a fire fighter, then was promoted to chief because he had been there the longest, and for no other reason at all.

"Memphis Fire is hilarious, and I love working with Derrick," said Arquette.

In Memphis Fire, the brave-ish men and women of Memphis Fire give a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of fire fighters in the Deep South. Their motto is, "You can't FIRE a 'Volunteer' Fire Fighter!" Led by Chief Johnny Roberts (Arquette), the fire fighters of Memphis Fire attempt to keep their community safe -- mainly from themselves. In this highly irreverent comedy, the settings are all Memphis based. Station 4771, a typical fire station, is where Johnny and his son Johnny Roberts Jr. (Redford) work together and explore the dynamic of their relationship as father and son as well as co-firemen.

Johnny and JR are only fifteen years apart in age due to Johnny having an overly explosive hose as a kid which adds to their unusual relationship. The other firefighters and Johnny's family, round out this hilarious cast of fire loving miscreants. Along with the fire house, settings also include The other sights around town...that catch on fire.

Arquette is represented by Jonathon Perry and Sheva Cohen at Agency for the Performing Arts(APA), and Patrick Hughes at Foundation Media Partners. Redford is represented by Desiree Middlebrook at McCaffrey Talent. Gugliemi is represented by Gloria Hinojosa at Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier & Hinojosa Talent Agency (AEFH), and Joshua A. Edwards at E Cubed Management.

 Photo Courtesy Of: Roberson PR

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Solomon Stewart

David Arquette

David Arquette and Solomon Stewart, were photographed at AOL BUILD the other day in New York City. He was there with the Cast of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012



The Cottage

David Arquette (Never Been Kissed, Eight Legged Freaks, Scream), Kristen Dalton (upcoming Jack Reacher, The Departed, Dexter, The Dead Zone) and Victor Brown (TV’s “One Life to Live,” Closure) star in the instant cult-classic THE COTTAGE, premiering on DVD October 9 from Entertainment One. In this chilling suspense-thriller, a financially struggling couple with a new baby girl needs to rent out the cottage behind their house to make ends meet. When a prospective tenant has a sudden accident and is unable to take the place, they decide to rent it to a seemingly charming novelist, only to find out he’s not who he says he is. The film also stars Ken Baumann (TV’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”), sisters Morissa and Alana O’Mara (Hanna’s Gold, Machine Head), Lorraine Nicholson (Soul Surfer, Click) and Bellamy Young (TV’s “Scandal”).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


David Arquette

David Arquette With Bree Cohen And David Bedwell

Monday night actor David Arquette hosted an intimate dinner gathering at LAVO in celebration of his clothing line PROPR. The line, developed in conjunction with musician Ben Harper and David Bedwell, former creative director for Penguin, features woven shirts in fabrics of organic cottons, ringspun denim and cashmere along with denim and twill pants, shorts and blazers. Arquette personally designs the line’s popular t-shirt collection. Wearing a limited edition shirt from the line featuring planets and dinosaurs, Arquette and the group took over the private dining room where he regaled all with stories of his early childhood clothing choices. Arquette selected a magnum of Dominus to pair with a dinner of LAVO favorites specially selected by Chef John DeLoach. He kept the group laughing throughout the night and shared that his biggest fear of the trip was that he would lose wife Courteney Cox Arquette’s niece, whom he had brought along for her first visit to Vegas. After dinner everyone adjourned for cocktails in the lounge and enjoyed the perfect weather outside on LAVO’s expansive terrace.
Photo By: Al Powers

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Courteney Cox

Friends star Courteney Cox is going to try for another child. The actress says she can feel her biological clock ticking. Courteney has a beautiful five-year-old daughter, Coco, with husband David Arquette, and the happy couple want to expand their family in the future. Courteney at age 45, feels she can’t put off getting pregnant any longer, or she could miss out on being a mother again. She tells OK! magazine, "We’re not trying yet. We’re revving up the engines. I’m only ready ’cause time’s a-ticking. "If I was 34, I’d wait another year, because I like those three-to-four gaps. I want Coco to be helping me with the next one. One child is hard. Two is probably harder." And Courteney also admits recent reports claiming she can’t have any more children are ridiculous: "There was a photo of me coming out of a doctor’s office and it said that I’m going through the menopause and that I’m really upset because I can’t have another child."
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Saturday, July 11, 2009


David Arquette

Hollywood star David Arquette is imitating famed magician David Blaine to raise money for the hungry.The actor will live in a plastic box in New York City for two days. David will eat and sleep in a Plexiglas box above Madison Square Garden's marquee on Tuesday and Wednesday in a hope to raise money for the hunger relief charity Feeding America. Arquette is hoping to raise $250,000 for the organization during the publicity stunt.
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna

Thursday, April 23, 2009


12th Annual Gala
“An Evening Of Practical Magic”

Story And Photos By: Ann Watt

David Arquette With Rob Thomas And Rachel Ray

City Harvest is testimony to brotherly love that exists in a city and culture that runs at such a speed that the most basic needs of many of our brothers and sisters are automatically ignored. In 1981 a soup kitchen worker, Helen ver Duin Palit, noticed that neighboring restaurants were wasting good food every day. Seeing an opportunity to bolster the food supply at the soup kitchen, she gathered volunteers and borrowed cars and vans to transport the food from where it was not needed to where it was needed very much. And City Harvest was born.City Harvest now distributes more than 100 million pounds of food to a network of more than 800 emergency food programs throughout New York City. They get this food from all segments of the food industry – restaurants, manufacturers, wholesalers, green markets, hotels, corporate cafeterias, grocery stores and farms. At this year’s 12th annual Gala “An Evening of Practical Magic” , was hosted by David Arquette, paid tribute to the efforts of individuals and organizations who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to help fee New York’s hungry. In this current economy an increasing number of the city’s most vulnerable citizens are now in need of emergency good, many for the first time! With donations, table sales and auction, they raised over $1 million thanks to City Harvest’s new friends and the organization’s longtime supporters. Visit Their Website at:

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Courteney Cox with hubby David Arquette

Courteney Cox and David Arquette have been voted the celebrity couple most likely to succeed.The pair - who have been married for eight years and have a three-year-old daughter, Coco, together - received a staggering 59 per cent of the vote in's Pop Culture Survey Summer 2007. Latino stars Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony, who married in 2004, finished in second place with 16 per cent. Nick Lachey and his TV presenter girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo took the third spot with nine per cent of the vote, while married couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes received eight per cent to secure fourth place. Heather Locklear and her former 'Melrose Place' co-star Jack Wagner - who started dating in February - scored just five per cent. Cameron Diaz and magician Criss Angel, who were only briefly romantically linked last month, got three per cent. Despite the ringing endorsement of their love, Courteney and 35-year-old David's marriage has not been without its problems.Last year, the 43-year-old actress admitted she had called in a relationship counsellor to help her save her marriage during a particularly rocky patch. Meanwhile, the couple said goodbye to their Malibu home - which is currently up for sale for $33.5 million - by inviting their celebrity friends over for Sunday brunch last weekend. The gathering included Courteney's former 'Friends' co-star Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, comic actor Sacha Baron Cohen and his pregnant fiancée Isla Fisher.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


COURTENEY COX has heard so many media lies about her marriage to DAVID ARQUETTE, she has become invincible against any press falsehoods.The couple wed in 1999 after meeting on the set of horror film Scream in 1996, and are still happily married, despite tabloid reports to the contrary.She says, "The press can get hurtful, but I’ve seen enough now that nothing can hurt my feelings."Even when they’re tearing me and David apart. The latest story is that our marriage is not doing well and we’re living separate lives."

Monday, February 12, 2007


David Arquette loved watching wife Courteney Cox film a lesbian kiss with Jennifer Aniston.The 'Scream' star has said he hates watching his wife film sex scenes with other men but made sure he had a front row seat when she kissed her former 'Friends' co-star for the season finale of her new TV show 'Dirt'.David told the National Enquirer: "I don't want to see her with other guys, but when she had to kiss Jen - that's different."It was a hoot!"But the steamy scene may not have been quite as titillating as David had hoped as he revealed they could not stop giggling when they were filming the kiss.In her new TV show Courteney plays a magazine editor and Jennifer cameos in the season finale as a rival magazine editor who is a lesbian.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Courteney Cox has banned husband David Arquette from watching her film her sex scenes in new US TV drama 'Dirt'.The couple are producers on the show, in which Courteney plays Lucy Spiller, the bitchy and sex-obsessed editor of an American tabloid magazine. In one episode the 42-year-old actress romps with a young, fit yoga instructor. To make sure she didn't get embarrassed while filming the racy scene the former 'Friends' star told David he was forbidden from being on set. She revealed: "David was not on set for that. He would never come on set when I had to do something like that - I would forbid it. To be honest, that scene is nothing compared to what happens later in the series. I won't be allowing him on set for any of those either!" It was recently revealed that Courteney is to share a steamy kiss with her former 'Friends' co-star Jennifer Aniston when she appears in 'Dirt'.Jennifer, who is best pals with Courteney in real life, is to make a cameo appearance in the show as a rival magazine editor who is a lesbian.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


David Arquette blames Angelina Jolie for destroying Jennifer Aniston's marriage to Brad Pitt. David - who is married to Jennifer's best friend Courteney Cox - is convinced Jennifer and Brad's marriage would have survived if he hadn't met Angelina. In an interview with US DJ Howard Stern, the actor said: "Jennifer is great.When her marriage to Brad ended, it was sad. I love Brad, he's a great guy but he did some stuff that hurt our friend."Finding out he was sleeping with Angelina was pretty much a surprise. They wouldn't have broke up if not for that."David insists Jennifer doesn't hate Angelina and says he never saw Jennifer cry when her marriage fell apart. He said: "Did I ever see Jen cry? No, never. Not one tear shed. Those magazines, they take something and it's working for them so they play it out, but she's not really that sad about the whole thing. She's the greatest, she's such a sweetheart, she's so funny."I don't think Jennifer hates Angelina, I don't think it's like that. The way they depict it is completely wrong. She's a very strong woman, she's totally solid and she's just got a great attitude."The 35-year-old actor also dismissed rumors that Jennifer's relationship with her 'The Break-Up' co-star Vince Vaughn was a sham. He said: "They did date. They really cared about each other."

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt