Thursday, October 12, 2017



Anna Wilding

Actress Anna Wilding released the following statement about allegations on Harvey Weinstein today.

Dirty Harvey Weinstein
Everyone knew about Harvey. I myself had several occasions dealing with Miramax.One year at Cannes Film Festival 2 male colleagues stepped in and physically shielded me from Harvey when we were about to go up on an elevator together. I was one of the women who stood up and said No to men for this kind of behavior. I walked away from it, from major contracts. It disgusts me to read the lengths Harvey went to. Assault is reprehensible. Harvey is not alone in his behavior. There were and are others. And everyone knew and knows. Sadly some girls Were complicit, or worse assaulted. If you are one of those who said No like me You suffered. Saying No cost me my acting career, income  and denied me opportunities.I have been assaulted before. It's not pleasant.

Photo Courtesy Of & Copyright By: Nina Prommer via Anna Wilding / Media Punch Inc

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