Photos By: Patrick McMullan

Sophie Bonvin With Bill Claps

The COLLECTOR, a line of luxury handbags from Geneva, Switzerland founded by Sophie Bonvin celebrated the launch of their latest collaboration, the CODE Collection with artist Bill Claps, at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to The Angelica Patient Assistance Program, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of economically disadvantaged long-term care patients through programs including art and music therapy. Five percent of sales during the event, and 3.5 percent of sales throughout the month of October 2017, will be donated to The Angelica Patient Assistance Program.

Sophie Bonvin And Amanda Cronin

Missy Hargraves And Antoine Verglas

The bags were on display throughout the launch party, where guests could place orders and discuss the pieces with Sophie and Bill. The collection will remain in New York City throughout the month of October, 2017; after, prospective buyers can place their orders through The COLLECTOR’s website,

Avanti Gupta

Karen Koval And David Barish

Lauren Casarona
Guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres as they viewed the collection of handbags, which are crafted from fine exotic skins and feature motifs by Bill, whose work reflects on communication in the digital age by utilizing the dots and dashes of Morse code. Notable attendees included Sophie Bonvin, Bill Claps, Fareen Butt, Marie-Claire Gladstone, Avanti Gupta, Missy Hargraves, Antoine Verglas, Aurora Fenwick, David Brown, Patricia and Cecilia Lizarraga, Amanda Cronin, Lauren Casarona, Genny Kopina, Masha Filonova, Gigi Salomon, Paul Robinson, Lydia Duanmu, Li Wang, Karen Koval, David Barish, Lauren Richman, Janet Temidayo, Jessie Kirchman, Vita Dauksaite, Irena Yelanchik and Olga Raganelli.

Founded in 2014 by Ms. Bonvin, THE COLLECTOR produces quality handbags and accessories crafted from skins including python, American alligator and South African ostrich. The interior of each bag is lined with lambskin and finished in hardware of gunmetal or plated gold. In addition to their signature line, every two years THE COLLECTOR collaborates with an artist for a limited edition selection of unique handbags; the most recent collaboration was with Laura Chaplin, granddaughter of legendary film star Charlie Chaplin.


Founded in 2014 by Sophie Bonvin, THE COLLECTOR is a Geneva-based line of unique handbags and accessories crafted from the best exotic skins, produced with sound design principles, excellence, and integrity at a competitive price point for a sophisticated and quality-driven clientele. Products are principally sourced from genuine skins such as American alligator, python, lizard, and South African farm-raised ostrich. Designed by Vietnamese-French interior and landscape designer Hom Le Xuan, the line’s design is uniquely Swiss, while skins are selected in Paris and Italy from the best tanning and finishing companies. Along with producing a classic line, the company releases an artist collaboration every two years; recent collaborations include Laura Chaplin, granddaughter of film star Charlie Chaplin, and artist Bill Claps.

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About Bill Claps

A New Jersey native, artist Bill Claps received a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University; he also studied painting and drawing at the Art Students League in both New York City and Florence, Italy. Recently, his work has centered around the utilization of Morse code to communication thoughts and ideas, with the dots and dashes serving as their own language not unlike the binary language of modern computers. His paintings and drawings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in galleries around the United States and Europe, including the Salomon Arts Gallery, Aspen Fine Arts Gallery and Art Monaco, among others.

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