Story And Photos By:  Lieba Nesis
Jean Shafiroff With Zang Toi
Patti Labelle With Ivana Trump

Bella Oelmann With David Foster, Kimberly Guilfoyle And Bill Hemmer

Zang Toi's fabulous Spring 2018 collection was shown at Skylight Clarkson Square last night for fashion week. 

 Zang is a Malaysian born designer who is known to dress royalty and society -- and is one of those fashion stars whom everybody adores. Zang is famous for his elaborately embroidered velvet capes and caftans but today he showed he was a proficient designer who can master all genres. The clothing was much more demure than a typical Zang show but the beauty was still there. Zang is a perfectionist and it showed in every aspect of the presentation including the Zang Toi heels and jewelry chokers that adorned the model's necks. Zang is a master at color blocking and today he mixed emerald green and black, turquoise and white, green and gray, and white and black. He even showed his mastery of pants with an embroidered green sequined butterfly design that adorned gray silk pants. His use of taffeta, silk and cotton was luxuriously elegant and the crowd loved the collection.

Zang Toi Fashion

 Some of the luminaries who attended included: Ivana Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Patti Labelle, Jean Shafiroff, Carol Alt, and David Foster David Foster, the legendary music producer, said he could easily see fashion icon Celine Dion in one of the diaphanous gowns and loved the movement of the clothing. Phillip Bloch, Melania Trump's friend, was also fond of the collection and said he would love to style the new first lady since he considers her a close friend and wishes the President would take some fashion cues from Melania.

 It is fair to say Zang, with this collection, increased his audience by including a more understated pared down look that a twenty something in St. Tropez could easily wear. He also added some whimsical touches such as the handkerchief skirt that Zang sketch printed on and the green diaphanous skirt that hung from the black and white dress-the Sade background music added to the sultriness of these pieces. There was still plenty of opulence including the black velvet gown with an emerald green bodice, and the silk princess coat with emerald taffeta that concluded the collection; but this presentation showed Zang is one of those designers that can expand his breadth and increase his audience. If that wasn't exciting enough, guests headed to 1046 Lexington Avenue to celebrate the opening of the new Zang Toi boutique-another notch in Zang's ever expanding empire.