Jerry Springer’s Statement on the AHCA Healthcare Bill Passing The House

James Edstrom & Jerry Springer

May 4th will likely not be remembered as much as 9/11… and yet, what Congress did last Thursday will end up killing many more Americans than Osama bin Laden ever did.

With millions and millions of people facing the reality of being dropped from insurance plans (unless the Senate defeats this bill), does anyone seriously believe that only 3000 Americans will die because they couldn’t afford a doctor, or a treatment, or medicine or a hospital?

This cruel and utterly insensitive attack on middle and low-income Americans is an act of war… no less deadly and unconscionable, simply because the perpetrators of this legislative violence happen to be wealthy white men who reside in Washington.

The picture of Republican Congressmen gathering on the White House lawn smiling, laughing, clapping and cheering what they just did is, frankly, chillingly disgusting and reminiscent of Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake!”

This isn’t just politics. It isn’t just Republican vs. Democrat. It’s indecency. You wonder what kind of person is perfectly comfortable with removing protection from fellow Americans who face a cancer diagnosis, heart disease or any other medical condition or emergency that threatens their life or the lives of their family.

Never mind that we the taxpayers pay the health insurance of every one of these Congressmen. I mean, will they be willing to give up THEIR insurance to get a taste of the panic and despair they just visited on millions of others?

Good Lord! What did they just do? What moral ethic condones this? What religion suggests this is appropriate? What kind of patriotism preaches love of America… but the hell with protecting Americans?

We’re better than that. Aren’t we?

To the members of Congress who laughingly voted for this…it’s not just about how your constituents can live…it’s about how YOU can live…with yourself.

-Jerry Springer