Ariel Winter

E-NEWS! -- All eyes on the Shrine Auditorium!

Less than a week after the much-anticipated Oscar nominations were announced, Hollywood has another taste of award life, thanks to the Screen Actors Guild Awards. While the official M.O. of the evening is to honor the best, ahem, screen actors, as chosen by their peers (yes, fellow screen actors), a little action had to go down on the red carpet first.

The biggest and brightest stars from TV and film gathered on a gorgeous Los Angeles day to, well, spill their guts to E! News' Giuliana Rancic and Brad Goreski.

And spill their guts they did! It all started with an in-depth discussion on the merits of pantsuits (future SAG Awards attendees be warned: You should definitely take part), and then conversations delved into everything from how Hollywood keeps its biggest plot secrets under lock and key, to who is completely addicted to watching E! News. Stay tuned below to find out!

"Tomorrow at 7 a.m. I'll be back at work!" — Sterling K. Brown making us all feel inferior with our work ethic.

"Can I tell you it is so hot out here for the SAG Awards that you need something to kind of suck up everything." — The power of wearing pants, by Orange Is the New Black's Danielle Brooks.

"They hand out papers that say, you can say this, and you can't say that, and we have to read it over before we come here." — How the cast of Stranger Things keeps the spoilers to a minimum.

"I'm obsessed with E! and I watch you guys every single night." — Tell us more, Millie Bobby Brown!

"I tried to keep things low-key, but we were out dancing and things kind of...spiraled." —Ariel Winter's birthday celebrations are all of us.

"I'm an adrenaline junkie, but I'm also very much the girl who will cry at a sweet dog food commercial." — SAME, Sophia BushSame.

"I can't believe this is January!" — Riz Ahmed is glad to be in Los Angeles, not London, right now.

"People are, like, gimme that dad bod!" Veep's Tony Hale on disappointing America with the show's lack of nudity.

"I start in a robe and slippers, and I go to sweats and a T-shirt, and then probably some jeans and, like, a pullover. It doesn't get any better than that." — Bryan Cranston's usual Sunday attire is a little different than what he's wearing tonight.

"I think it changed my life in a really big way; I know it sounds really cliché." — Dev Patelisn't holding back on the impact of his film Lion.

"If you ask her, I'm the sidekick." — Anthony Anderson's mother is turning into a major star.

"We're morphing into one person." — Kaley Cuocoon her relationship with costar Jim Parsons, and also describing someone we'd like to be friends with.

"It's in the toilet! You don't want to put it someplace obvious and seem like you're showing off, and that way people can go into the toilet and go, wow." — The Crown's Claire Foy has big plans for her Golden Globe statue.

"I hope that this film continues to encourage people to embrace the things that make you unique." — Preach, Janelle Monáe!

"She's quite a handful now that she's moving around on her own." — John Legend has his work cut out for him in little baby Luna.

"My father is dead now, but I'm sure he's turning in his grave that I still look like a hooker at 45. Sorry Dad!" — Sofia Vergara keeps the jokes coming.

"I'm doing good! I sprayed a little thing on my toe to numb the pain so we're all good." — Viola Davis spreads the gospel of Still Standing, the best product Amazon could sell.

"I usually watch Kimmel, but that night it seemed there was nothing to tune in for." — Casey Affleck gives his brother Ben, and his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, a good burn.

"You know how you look at old pictures and you think, 'Wow my dad looked really cool.' I just want my future kids to look at me like that." — Rami Malek is just here to impress the future generations with his style.

"I'm still alive, the dress is still in tact. It's that kinda night, it's that kinda dress, you have to mentally prepare to tell people, get off my dress!" — Watch out near Taraji P. Henson tonight, SAG-goers.