Hillary Clinton

We are hearing on our Democratic grapevine that 'just in case' , Hillary Clinton has a short list of cabinet members she would pick if by any chance the electoral voters decide to change their mind and support her.

We are being told that she knows it's a long shot, but wants to be prepared in the event something crazy like this happens. After the Trump win, nothing is taken for granted anymore by the Clinton Camp.

Meanwhile, Anti-Trump groups are going to protest The Electoral College, urging them to change their vote to Clinton.

On November 8th, 2016, Donald Trump was declared the winner of the US presidential election. His victory, however, won't be official until December 19th, 2016, when the 538 members of the electoral college gather in state capitals across the US to formally cast their ballots for the next president.

Any hope of swaying enough electors to hand the presidency to Hillary Clinton would be rare. It is considered that a win on election day is a win with electors. Although one Republican from Texas, Chris Suprun, has said he won't vote for Mr Trump, another 36 would have to break ranks to drop the Republican below the 270-vote threshold necessary for victory.

Making matters worse, is the fact 29 states have laws that require presidential electors to support the candidate who wins a plurality of votes in their state. Two Democratic electors in Colorado are challenging the legality of those laws in court - a move that's being opposed by the Trump campaign.

As for Hillary Clinton, I have met her so many times, first when she was in the White House as First Lady and many more times after that. She is smart, very savvy as to the way the world works and after this election, she is taking no chances on being caught off guard. This is what I am being told by several sources. Do not be surprised again!