Story By: John F. McHugh, Esq.
John F. McHugh ESQ.

Theresa Deisher, PhD, is a seasoned genetic engineer from Washington State. Using data from governmental reports from all States, she has produced an ecological study of the link between the use of human cell lines in the manufacture of vaccines and the rise of autism. This data shows that the start of the autism epidemic, and each increase in its incidence in our children, correlates with the introduction of, or increased dose of, the resulting vaccines, all of which are contaminated with the remnants of these human cell lines. This contamination includes fragments of human DNA and, in some, human retrovirus fragments. These fragments are of the type used by genetic engineers, such as Dr. Deisher, to repair damaged human DNA and thus, alter and hopefully correct cell function.

Presented with this study and her data, our government has refused to either review these results or do any study of the vaccine-autism issue utilizing vaccine safety surveillance data sets only the government has access to. One such data set costs taxpayers about $13 million a year to maintain and is designed to do such studies.

Dr. Deisher’s results are very similar to those of a study published by Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis in 1861. He showed the correlation between doctors’ dirty hands and the rise of child bed fever, a plague which was killing up to 18% of women giving birth in hospitals. He showed that these horrendous death rates started in Vienna in 1824 when autopsies began to be conducted at the Vienna General Hospital. They dropped to the background rate, 3%, in 1847 when all doctors practicing in that obstetrics ward began to wash their hands with a chlorine solution before touching any patient.

 These are his results:

(from Semmelweis’s 1861 publication, reproduced in

Dr. Deisher shows three distinct change points in the rise of autism, each correlating with an increase in exposure to human DNA fragment contaminated vaccines.

The change point is the birth year, not the year the vaccination was administered. Thus, for example, children born in 1980 would be exposed to MMR II, the first human cell line produced vaccine, introduced in 1980-81 as it was recommended to be given at 18 months. 

Child bed fever has been called the doctor’s plague. It continued, until Louis Pasteur discovered germs. Until then, doctors refused to accept empirical evidence that clean hands reduced mortality as it contradicted the medical thinking of the day. This phenomena is now known as the “Semmelweiss Reflex”. 

Despite conclusive evidence to the contrary, government experts protest that the connection between any vaccine and autism has been disproved thus, Dr. Deisher’s change points can not be right. However, only Measles Mumps and Rubella vaccine has even been studied, that several times. These studies compared children who received MMR with those that did not. But none of those studies controlled for children who did not get MMR but did receive Varicella, Hepatitis A and/or Pentacel, all similarly contaminated as they are also produced utilizing human cell lines. Thus, the existing studies prove only that removing one of four contaminated vaccines from our children did not prevent autism. They prove nothing.

No empirical support exists supporting the safety of this manufacturing process. FDA approval of this process was based solely on unsupported expert opinion, precisely the type of medical thinking which kept Child bed Fever killing mothers for 20 years after 1861. Thus, autism continues to disable 2% of our babies, four boys to every girl. Each child, a tragic victim of the Semmelweiss Reflex.

John F. McHugh, a grandfather who babysits daily for two vaccine aged boys, is also one of under 90 lawyers nationwide who regularly prosecutes the claims of vaccine injured children within the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. 

Dr.Theresa Deisher, President, of Sound Choice, Pharmaceutical Institute, Seattle WA., opposes use of human tissue, which is not voluntarily donated, for medical purposes on moral grounds. But, her warning about the use of human cell lines in vaccine manufacture is based on her understanding of the scientifically established risks derived from her years of experience as a developer of genetically engineered therapies working as a scientist and product development executive within the pharmaceutical industry.


John F. McHugh is a former Assistant United States Attorney, Southern District of New York, appointed during the Nixon Administration, a former General Counsel, Officer and Board Member of a United States Flag steamship company, who practises law from offices in New York City.