Richard Branson

DALLAS TEXAS -- Surface Magazine celebrated its October Travel Issue alongside cover subject Richard Branson. Guests included Bill Hutchinson, Virgin Executives Jason Felts (CEO,Virgin Produced) and Raul Leal (CEO, Virgin Hotels,) and Sotheby's Capera Ryan. Surface Senior Editor Charlie Curkin and Surface CEO Marc Lotenberg joined the VIP crowd of over 100 at the Dallas-based Quill Lounge for custom ellt by Stolichaya cocktails. Curkin led a Q&A for the crowd, focusing on Sir Branson's choice of Dallas for the latest iteration of the Virgin Hotel brand, his expansion to space, and the October Issue feature in Surface. 

Highlights from the behind-the-scenes Q&A included: 

On marijuana on Mars: "Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and I decided that whoever gets there first will declare it legal."

On space currency: "We will use a barter system."

On getting Into hospitality: "The experiences these days are have a few drinks, can't find your get in, can't find the lights...the list goes on."

On the next Virgin adventure: "We've registered Virgin Aquatic...Once we get to space, we'll probably go down there."

On going beyond the center of the Earth: "Well, we've registered Virgin Volcanic."


Read the full feature from the October Travel Issue of Surface:


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