Hamptons Salt Company

Hamptons Salt Company hosted an exclusive salt tasting at Williams-Sonoma Bridgehampton’s Artisans' Market, which was an event focused on small batch, artisanally produced food products. Hamptons Salt Company offered guests a chance to try their preeminent line of all-natural sea salts, including raw salts, flavored salts and smoked salts.

The Williams-Sonoma Artisans’ Market Program is an exclusive event that takes place monthly in 50 Williams-Sonoma stores across the country. The event features up to four artisans per month, giving customers the chance to interact with the makers directly.

Salt collections that were on display and available for tasting included: The Flavor Seeker with five 1 oz. mini jars with Black Truffle, Garlic, Ghost Pepper, Smoked Hickory and Rosemary salt varieties; The Daily Chef containing a 14 oz. jar of Cooking Salt and 4 oz. jars of Finishing and Garlic salts; and The Collector, which includes 20 varieties of Hamptons Salt in mini 1 oz. jars. Founder of Hamptons Salt Company, Peter Pierce, presented the salts and was ready to answer any and all questions that guests had. All of the Hamptons salts that were on display were available for purchase at the event, and online at: http://www.hamptonssalt.com

In addition, Hamptons Salt was recently included in the VIP gift bags at the 5th Annual St. Barth Hamptons Gala celebrating Christie Brinkley’s Social Life Magazine Cover Saturday, July 23rd, in Bridgehampton. Those who attended Jill Zarin’s 4th Annual Luxury Luncheon were also gifted with a variety of Hamptons Salts. For those looking to get their hands on the delicious Hamptons Salts, they will be offered in the gift bags for those who attend Southampton Hospital’s 58th Annual Summer Party benefitting The Jenny and John Paulson Emergency Department. For more information, visit: http://bit.ly/2a6ENUj

About Hamptons Salt Company

Peter Pierce founded Hamptons Salt Company upon discovering the abundance of chemical-laden table salt varieties and wanted to find a safe, delicious alternative to serve to his two children. Hamptons Salt Company is the preeminent provider of all natural sea salt. Hamptons Salt’s merchants scour the world to offer you the best selection of raw salts, flavored salts or smoked salts. All of its salts are unrefined and have no unhealthy additives. Each salt has a unique taste profile based on the sea from where it originated and the natural minerals are not stripped out like refined salt. Hamptons Salt currently offers 29 salt varieties from around the world. You can experience Bali Pyramid or Cypress Flake without leaving your kitchen. For some flavor, try Vermont Maple Syrup, Smoked Chardonnay Oak or the almost too hot Ghost Pepper ($19.99-$24.99).

In addition, Hamptons Salt Company offers assortments of Hamptons Salt for the perfect hostess gift or foodie. Each collection comes in its own sleek black gift box. Collections include The Bartender, with Jalapeno, Lime and Lemon salt varieties ($59.99); The Flavor Seeker with five 1 oz. mini jars with Black Truffle, Garlic, Ghost Pepper, Smoked Hickory and Rosemary salt varieties ($39.99); The Daily Chef contains a 14 oz. jar of Cooking Salt, and 4 oz. jars of Finishing and Garlic salts ($44.99); The Connoisseur containing the four most luxurious salts Hamptons Salt sells including Fleur de Sel, Black Truffle, Porcini and Smoked Chardonnay Oak ($99.99); The Globe Trotter contains raw salts from corners of the globe including Himalayan Pink, Bali Pyramid, Cyprus Flake and Himalayan Black ($69.99); The Grillmaster with the most popular varieties perfect for the grill including Smoked Hickory, Smoked Mesquite and Espresso salt varieties ($59.99); The Collector includes 20 varieties of Hamptons Salt in mini 1 oz. jars ($149.99).

About Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma's culinary legacy began in 1956, when Chuck Williams founded his original cookware shop in the California wine country town of Sonoma. The store offered a collection of classic French kitchen equipment that many Americans had never seen before. And it immediately became a favorite of home cooks and professional chefs alike. Since then, the Williams-Sonoma brand has expanded to include hundreds of exclusive products from around the world, more than 250 stores nationwide, millions of direct-mail catalogs, an award-winning e-commerce site – and one of the world's best-selling cookbook libraries. One essential factor remains unchanged: Williams-Sonoma's enduring commitment to the finest quality and outstanding customer service.

For more information on Williams-Sonoma, visit http://www.williams-sonoma.com

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