Locked In

Locked Up At Hunters Point South Crossing

Macy's has just ruined the 4th of July for the residents of Hunters Point South. 

Nothing for nothing, for weeks now we have been harassed by Macy's pre-taping Pit Bull and Meaghan Trainor and setting up this event. We have lost access to the park, the neighborhood lost its parking and all the cars were towed, yet Macy's does nothing for the residents.

Right now, we are locked down, the Police Department calls this a frozen zone. Look at the above photos. They have our entrance blocked, we can not go anywhere, I have my dog to walk, I wanted to enjoy the day and they are stopping all of us. All for Macy's to throw a party.

I am sick of all of this. Macy's first of all did this last year too, but this year they have taken over 5 times more space. Tents everywhere for their VIP Buyers and VIP Employees. For days now we had to listen to refrigerated  trucks running day and night for the food they will serve to their guests. And what doe's Macy's do for the people who live here, nothing. We are locked in like hogs.

First of all, this does not help our city in any way. Macy's may spend millions putting on a show, but they get a thousand times worth of publicity for their store, making this 4th of July party a great investment for them. It is cheaper to throw this party then to buy thousands of hours of air time on television.

Macy's you suck. A huge amount of people in our buildings are pissed off. You could have made something for the tenants that live here in ground zero, but instead you took advantage of the community... Next year go someplace else. We don't want you here, we are locked up like caged animals and you could have looked out for the people whose neighborhood you were throwing the party in. Next year I will oppose this event on every level.