Manhattan Moonshine

So you want to start drinking Whiskey? Well, where do you start? Much like deciding to suddenly start drinking wine, deciding to start drinking Whiskey can be a daunting task. With endless varietals, a generally intimidating population of connoisseurs, and flavors wholly unlike those found in other liquors, beginning to drink Whiskey can be very intimidating.

Now, with more and more millennials becoming interested in trying Whiskey for the first time, a need has arisen for an approachable Whiskey, that is soft enough for new Whiskey drinkers and does not have the unfamiliar flavors that typically turn new drinkers away from Whiskey: oak and smoke. Enter Manhattan Moonshine, a Whiskey aged less than one hour so that instead of heavy oak and smoke flavors, it simply has a soft grain-forward sweetness and round, spicy finish, making it more approachable for new Whiskey drinkers and an easier transition from the Vodka, Gin, or Tequila that they were previously drinking.

In addition to being softer and more approachable than heavily aged Whiskeys, Manhattan Moonshine has another trick up its sleeve that has been drawing in new drinkers: versatility. Because it lacks the heavier barrel flavors that limit the ingredients that aged Whiskeys can mix with, Manhattan Moonshine can actually replace other spirits in their respective cocktails. Put simply, this means that millennials looking to start drinking Whiskey can start by using Manhattan Moonshine in their current favorite cocktail. Whether it is a Margarita, a Cosmopolitan, or a Martini, Manhattan Moonshine easily replaces the main liquor ingredient and adds a complexity and boldness of flavor that only a Whiskey can supply, while also providing a smooth transition into Whiskey for new drinkers.

It is this same versatility that is exciting the top bars and restaurants across New York, where top mixology programs like Macao Trading Co. and Apotheke are using Manhattan Moonshine to create new, never before seen cocktails that cater to the ever increasing number of millennials that are interested in drinking Whiskey. Whether in a Moonshine Negroni or a Whiskeypolitan (a Whiskey Cosmopolitan), Manhattan Moonshine is being used to reinvigorate classic cocktails and to create seasonal cocktail creations with ingredients from matcha green tea to lavender.

The Manhattan Moonshine formula was carefully created during a year of experimentation by Manhattan Moonshine Founder and CEO, William Kehler, and Master Distiller and author, Ian Smiley, who literally wrote the book on moonshine. The result of this work is a unique grain bill featuring a combination of Oats, Rye, Spelt (an ancestral form of wheat) and Malted Barley, all grown in New York state, and a unique production process. With its unique grain bill and production process, Manhattan Moonshine is able to deliver a smooth, grain-forward, Whiskey flavor that no other silver Whiskey is able to create. Ultimately, this soft yet complex flavor and the versatility that it enables are what have allowed Manhattan Moonshine to establish itself as a staple in the New York cocktail scene and a perfect entry point for new Whiskey drinkers.

Manhattan Moonshine’s unmistakable 750 ml Art Deco decanter retails at the MSRP of $39.99.

About Manhattan Moonshine:

Manhattan Moonshine is the world’s first luxury silver Whiskey and has been designed to be the perfect Whiskey for cocktails and for new Whiskey drinkers. The Manhattan Moonshine Company, LLC was founded in 2013 by William Kehler to establish silver Whiskey as a legitimate expression of Whiskey that is competitive with Aged-Whiskey in flavor, quality and class. Using a unique grain bill featuring a combination of Oats, Rye, Spelt (an ancestral form of wheat) and Malted Barley with its unique production process, a collaboration between Kehler and whiskey expert Ian Smiley to create the formulation. Manhattan Moonshine delivers a smooth, grain-forward, Whiskey flavor that no other silver Whiskey is able to create. A New York City native, Kehler is a New York City native and Whiskey enthusiast who is fascinated by the Prohibition era, Art Deco design and the Jazz age.

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