Taylor Swift

Well, in case there was any question, things are definitely getting serious between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

E! News has exclusively learned that the famous Hollywood couple (who continue to be the embodiment of #relationshipgoals with their cuteness) have been shacking up under one roof and talking about possibly taking things to the next level.

"Now that her tour is over, they are living together at his house in Beverly Hills while she is having some work done on her new home (she was staying there in between tour dates too, but now she is back for longer and it will be more consistent)," a source tells E! News.

"They are definitely talking about their future together and the possibility of one day getting engaged. Making it work, despite their huge demanding schedules, and her tour, has proved to both of them that this is something that is serious and that could last. It's really cemented their commitment to one another."

Say whaaaa?! Color us excited!

As you might have already known, the pair spent the holidays together, enjoying the snow for Christmas and heading to Las Vegas for the New Year. "They were in Colorado for Christmas together with Taylor's family. It was all about being in the snow, snow ball fights, lounging by the fire and relaxing," the insider adds. "After Christmas they came back to LA together and rang in the New Year."

Swift rang in the New Year by partying alongside Ruby Rose, HAIM, and brother Austin Swift at the OMNIA nightclub outside Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas to root on her boyfriend as he helped people enter 2016 while behind the turntables.

Now, it seems like Harris is focusing on his health and fitness for 2016. The music producer posted a story on his Snapchat that showed himself topless and sweaty while peddling on a stationary bike to get in his cardio. The workout seemed to include a virtual bike path that helped illustrate a funny competition between Calvin and the other "riders."

"How's that motivational in any way? That's f--king terrifying," he said while showing a large animated man on the screen. "It's the fourth day of the year, and this is what's going to happen...See ya later guys," he says to the bikers, "See ya at the finish line, you stupid c--ts. This is how to lose weight. You just sit down and you pedal. And you pedal 'til you can't pedal anymore."

Or as Taylor would say, pedal until you're lying on the cold, hard ground.