Photos By: Patrick McMullan

Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin

A new line of jewelry for HSN inspired by "America's Royal Family"

Inspired by the jewels worn by five generations of Vanderbilt's, one of America's Royal Families, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, developed a range of pearl and diamond fashion jewelry with HSN. Called Homage, Consuelo hosted the collections launch with the support of friends including Avenue's Randi Schatz, Tracy Stern, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Nicole Noonan and Lindsay Stokes from TOWN Residential.

Cassandra Seidenfeld

Randi Schatz
Midway through the event, Consuelo made a short speech to thank her talented team who helped create the pieces and support her journey. The crowd, including Ramona Singer, Kathleen Giordano, Montgomery Frazier, Cole Rumbough, Beth Shak, Nancy Pearson and Maggie Norris all applauded in encouragement. A direct descendent of railroad tycoon, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Consuelo Vanderbilt, the Duchess of Marlborough, Consuelo will appear on air on December 21st to tell the historic and romantic stories behind the pieces. The luxurious and sophisticated 24-piece collection was created after Consuelo inherited an engagement ring from her great-grandmother, Consuelo Vanderbilt Earl, which according to family lore belonged to the Duchess of Marlborough. That ring was the catalyst to the creation of the personally crafted ‘Homage” collection. The range includes pieces that reflect the historic jewelry worn by her family, and the contemporary reflections of styles Consuelo wore during important moments in her own life.

Beth Stern

Nancy Pearson
Additional guests included: Elizabeth Austin, Halland Chen, Robin Cofer, Kipton Cronkite, Tana Chung, Regina Dantas, Symrise's Achim Daub, Wendy Diamond, Zaida Dishy, Sibylle Eschapasse, Joycelyn Engle, Michelle Esther, Rafael Feldman, Dawne Marie Grannum, R. Couri Hay,Yin Chu Jou, Dan Kahn, Sara Johnson Kaplan, Suzan Kremer, George Ledes, Christine Schott-Ledes Lily Mas, Michael Markiewicz, Ben Mindichm, Amy Montoya, Adele Nino, Leiba Nesis, Count Joseph Di Palma, Dr. Marina Peredo, Daniel Perry, Germaine Picket, Eric Robbins, Meredith Schott, Roberta Selcuker, Ashley Sousa, Janet Stanwood, Symrise's Rhona Stokols, Michelle Travis, Michael Trokel, Shawanda Vickers, Andrea Warshaw Wernick, Tristen Yang, and Mark Zand.

Consuelo, a lifestyle entrepreneur, is cousin to Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper, and has had a successful career as a Billboard Recording Artist. In several pieces, you see an edgier design reflective of her personal style. The Tempest Ring and Cuff features a 'diamond' pave pattern in a zigzag style. The Society Earrings feature clusters of white pearls and was worn by Consuelo in her latest music video that was filmed at The Vanderbilt Museum in Long Island, the former home of her great, great grandfather, Willie K. Vanderbilt Jr.

Ranging in price from $29.95 to $199.95 the collection is now available online, or tune in and watch Consuelo on air on December 21st.

The evening was hosted by Avenue magazine and TOWN Residential.