New York City Skyline

Living at Hunters Point Crossing has to be the best moves we ever did. Every night this is our view from our offices and home in Long Island City.

The builder and landlord Related out did themselves on this project. Our apartment has everything. Stainless steal dishwasher, stove and fridge. Hidden away are washer and dryer and everything from the countertops to the bathroom are marble. Amazing. Once these two buildings are done, we have a farm on the roof, bee hives for the tenants to get fresh honey, restaurants, gym, business center and even a playroom for the kids. The roof will have barbecues and lounges for the tenants to throw parties. Related and their buildings Hunters Point South Crossing and Hunters Point Commons are the future of housing in NYC.

I mentioned all of this to The NY Post's own Cindy Adams and she wrote the following.

Everyone’s moving to LIC?

Celeb fotog James Edstrom moved his to Long Island City’s Hunter’s Point South. Chosen from 92,000 applicants for LIC’s new community, he says: “It’s rooftop beehives, resident farms, energy-efficient green. Resident Magazine moved there. Also 43rd Street’s Manhattan Plaza developers. It’s housing’s new world, where kids don’t even know what a phone booth is.” OK.