Vimmi Shroff With Constantin Dancu And Jennifer Brozost

Jane Pontarelli And Nicole DiCocco

Jennifer Brozost and Vimmi Shroff of the New York Private Education Advisory Service (NY PEAS) celebrated the launch of their new book The NYC Private School Admissions Guide at Ivy Bar & Grill in New York.

In their new book The NYC Private School Admissions Handbook, published by Virgo EBooks launches this month and is available on Amazon. In it, Brozost and Shroff of NYPEAS share their tips on how to navigate the notoriously difficult and stressful process of applying to New York private school. The book takes you through the admissions process, from advice on school tours, how to draft application essays to school correspondence and the post-admission notification process.

Attendees celebrated at Ivy Bar & Grill with cocktails and delicious bites including Barbeque Chicken Spring Rolls, Grilled Pizza and Classic sliders. Notable guests in attendance included Lynne White, Vimmi Shroff, Jennifer Brozost, Constantin Dancu (Publisher, Virgo EBooks), Nicole Dicocco¸ Jane Pontarelli, Kathy and Gary Andreassen, Joe Smith and Michael Travin.

Brozost and Shroff boast years of experience working within the admissions departments at some of New York’s top private schools. With NY PEAS, established seven years ago, they consult and guide families through the application process from start to finish.


Co-founded by Jennifer Brozost and Vimmi Shroff, NY PEAS help hundreds of children and families navigate the competitive and notoriously stressful process of applying to New York City private schools. Brozost attended New York University and received her Master's degree in Education from Columbia University's Teacher's College. Brozost has her degree in the advanced teaching of Reading and Writing from Columbia University's Reading and Writing Project. Brozost taught second grade and has worked in the admissions office of a prominent New York City private school. Shroff completed her Undergraduate degree in Business and Economics in India. She has a Master’s in Education from New York University. Shroff taught at various private schools in New York City. Shroff has worked as an admissions officer as well as a Director of Admissions at various New York City private schools.

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Photos By: Patrick McMullan