Photos By: James Edstrom

Liz And Jean Shafiroff With Bella

Frederico Wasserman With Lisa Bernstein

Katlean DeMonchy

Ann Rapp And Roy Kean

Jean Shafiroff

Claude Stanton And Flo Anthony

Alex Donner

Jean Shafiroff And Patrick McMullan

Joan Jedell
Jean Shafiroff and Patrick McMullan hosted cocktails for SAVE THE PIT BULLS for Southampton Animal Shelter In New York City at a private residence. Approximately 120 of New York's finest came out to show their support. The party was a kick-off party for Southampton Animal Shelter's July 18,2015 Gala to be held in Southampton on the grounds of a private residence on tony Gin Lane. At the party the Shafiroff's well- behaved pit bulls, Daisy and Bella, mingled with guests who sipped on champagne and appetizers. Those in attendance included Ann Rapp, Geoffrey Bradfield, Margo Langenberg, Alex Donner, Nick Graham, Pat Gray (Executive Director of the Shelter), Martin Shafiroff, Roy Kean, Randi Schatz, Flo Anthony, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Dr. Terri Meekens, Jane Schindler, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Pamela O'Connor, Zach Weiss, Lisa Bernstein, Joyce Brooks, Katlean DeMonchy, Elizabeth Shafiroff, Katie McEntee, Cole Rumbough, Lindsey Spielfogal, Ike Ude, Joan Judell, Victor de Souza, Zoe Bullock, Morgan O'Connor, Adam Weiss and Paul Schindler.

Dawne Marie Grannum

Victor de Souza

Pat Gray And Jean Shafiroff
Jean Shafiroff and Partick McMullan hosted the party to raise awareness about the discrimination against pit bulls. The Shafiroff's two pit bulls, Daisy and Bella, were both rescued from Animal Care and Control in NYC. Both dogs were on ACC's list to be euthanized. Jean spoke about all the joy Daisy and Bella brings to the Shafiroff home. "Sadly, the first dogs to be euthanized at most shelters are pit bulls. They are also the ones that find it most difficult to be adopted. Public opinion against pit bulls must be changed. Pit bull fighting is a crime in the United States and those involved in such fights are subject to prosecution," said Jean. Southampton Animal Shelter is ranked among the top 10% of Shelters in the United States. It has a live release rate of 98%. For more information on Southampton Animal Shelter, please go to