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Wednesday, September 12, 2018



Photos By: Patrick McMullan

Jean Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff And Valerie Steele

In collaboration with The Couture Council of The Museum at FIT (MFIT), board member and philanthropist Jean Shafiroff and Angela Dotson co-chaired a luncheon honoring Narciso Rodriguez with the 2018 Artistry of Fashion Award at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in New York City. The award ceremony and luncheon raised in excess of $850,000 to benefit The Museum at FIT. The fashion industry’s top editorial voices, visionaries, plus distinguished and aspiring designers were all in attendance at the award ceremony that has, traditionally, welcomed the arrival of the Mercedez-Benz New York Fashion Week every year.

Ariadna Vera Bustindui With Jean Shafiroff And Leticia Presutti

Jean Shafiroff And Fern Mallis

Ann Rapp
Notable attendees included: Jean Shafiroff, Narciso Rodriguez, Dr. Joyce F. Brown, Angela Dotson, Dr. Valerie Steele, Glenda Bailey, Olivia Palermo, Martha Stewart, Ariadna Vera Bustindui, Jessica Seinfeld, Thom Brown, Julie Macklowe, Hamish Bowles, Ken Downing, Linda Fargo, Nicole Fischelis, Akiko Fukai, Pamela Golbin, Josie Natorie, Victor dE Souza, Fern Mallis, Kamie Lightburn, Patricia Mears, Suzy Menkes, Caroline Milbank, David Patrick Columbia, Hal Rubenstein, Leticia Presutti, Fe Fendi, Pj Pascual, Valerie Simpson, NY State Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright, Ann Rapp, Ernest Schmatolla, Marilyn Kirschner, Elizabeth Musmanno, B. Michael, Yaz Hernandez, Liz Peek, Eleanora Kennedy, Stephanie March, Audrey Gruss, Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

Jean Shafiroff And Narciso Rodriguez

As a volunteer fundraiser, leader, and spokesperson for several charitable causes, philanthropist Jean Shafiroff shares the sentiment that Narciso Rodriguez is truly deserving of the 2018 Artistry of Fashion award. There is a correlation between Shafiroffs committment to female empowerment and Rodriguez’s empowering fashion designs. He designs clothing for women to make them feel strong and beautiful whether it be a power lunch, a boardroom meeting or to stand equally alongside a man in a suit. As a powerful women, philanthropist, volunteer fundraiser and chairwoman for notable causes, Jean found his designs and the message they uphold noble. Jean, herself, is a connoisseur of timeless style and elegant gala fashion supporting up-and-coming as well as established fashion designers.

Angela Dotson

The 2018 Couture Council Award Ceremony began with cocktails on the terrace of the David H. Koch Theater. Following the lively cocktail hour, guests entered the theater’s promenade for a three-course lunch, catered by Olivier Cheng. The terrace was decorated and designed with beautiful floral arrangements by Bronson van Wyck of Van Wyck & Van Wyck event production company.

Jean Shafiroff And Rebecca Seawright

Board member and philanthropist Jean Shafiroff of The Couture Council at MFIT is committed to conserving the extraordinary collections at The Museum at FIT, the only museum dedicated to the art of fashion. The Couture Council‘s contributions have made it possible for the museum to mount world-class exhibitions that educate and inspire, to build and conserve the extraordinary collections, and to organize free public programs that serve the Fashion Institute of Technology‘s 10,000 students, as well as the general public.

Thursday, July 19, 2018



Photographs By: Patrick McMullan

Jean Shafiroff In Fashion

Jean Shafiroff And Greg Kelly

Philanthropist and author Jean Shafiroff hosted her Annual Bastille Day Luncheon on Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 at traditional French restaurant Omar at Vaucluse in New York City. The luncheon, observing the national French holiday, coincided with France’s 2018 FIFA World Cup™ victory, giving Shafiroff and her 45 distinguished guests more reason to celebrate.

Jean Shafiroff With Ann Rapp

Lucia Hwong Gordon With Lauren Day Roberts & Chiu-Ti Jansen

Notable attendees included: Jean Shafiroff, celebrity Greg Kelly, fashion designers Zang Toi and Victor dE Souza, Margo Catsimatidis, Susan Gutfreund, Liliana Cavendish, Basha Riddick, Ann Rapp, Roy Kean, Larry Kaiser, Laurel Marcus, Annette De Lorenzo, Mani Kamboj, Anka Palitz, Lee Fryd, Christopher Pape, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Maria Fishel, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Alejandra Sacasa, Gilda Sacasa, Flo Anthony, NBC host Raina Seitel, Lieba Nesis, Erica Katz, Marilyn Gauthier, Tony Brand, Ernest Schmatolla, Marilyn Kirschner, and Alex Donner.

Jean Shafiroff And Flo Anthony

Lee Fryd With Roy Kean And Natalie Ross

During the patriotic French celebration, Jean Shafiroff paid tribute to the French national soccer team. Speaking highly of the two-time World Cup champions, Shafiroff says, “France played a great game, but this victory won by France was especially thrilling following the French national holiday, Bastille Day.”

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff has served as a board member of the French Heritage Society for approximately seven years. Toasting the French, Mrs. Shafiroff announced that she would make a donation to the French Heritage Society. A strong supporter of the nonprofit organization, Jean Shafiroff is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and promotion of French heritage in America and France.

Jean Shafiroff With Ernest Schmatolla & Margo Catsimatidis

Jean Shafiroff And Zang Toi

In honor of Bastille Day and the World Cup victors, the private dining room was decorated with miniature French flags and 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ soccer balls – with the same mono-panel design as the Adidas Telstar 18 official match ball.

The French national holiday, Bastille Day, commemorates the storming of the Bastille prison, marking the beginning of the French Revolution, which took place on July 14, 1789. The Bastille prison was a symbol of the absolute and arbitrary power of Louis XVI’s Regime. By capturing this symbol, the people signaled that the king's authority should be limited by a separation of powers.

Thursday, January 25, 2018



Photos By: Patrick McMullan

Jean Shafiroff

Jean And Martin Shafiroff

Philanthropists Martin and Jean Shafiroff hosted a cocktail soiree for over 100 guests themed, BEAT THE JANUARY BLUES, that toasted The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) at their Park Avenue home.

Jean Shafiroff greeted guests including Geoffrey Bradfield, Rachel Atcheson, Community Liaison Officer – Animal Welfare, Office of the Mayor of New York City, Erik Bottcher and JD Thompson, Craig Dix, Irene Michaels, and designers Zang Toi and Victor de Souza, who all donned blue attire to support the events theme and match Jean who was dressed in a vinyl blue two-piece outfit by Courrèges before changing into a gown designed by Caroline Elenowitz. All guests enjoyed champagne and hors d'oeuvres catered by Cornelia Guest. 

Victor de Sousa And Ann Rapp

Jean Shafiroff & Zang Toi
Midway through the event, SASF Honorary Board Member Jean Shafiroff, SASF Board President Clifton Knight and SASF Executive Director Jerry Rosenthal thanked guests for attending, and for their continued commitment to the Shelter. Knight thanked Martin and Jean Shafiroff, stating, "Jean has been like a Joan of Arc for our Shelter. Without her support we would not be operating." He then said that, "as a result of the training work, we are able to do our adoption rate is up to 98%. This is unsurpassed by any shelter on the East End. We take in all animals, no matter the condition - all the orphans and all the tough cases, and our adoption rate is through the roof." Shafiroff has chaired the shelter's annual summer Unconditional Love Gala the past five years and has raised over $4-million for the Foundation. Jean Shafiroff is on the Honorary Board and was the Honoree of the 2017 Unconditional Love Gala. “Everything in philanthropy is a group effort," said Jean. "Nothing happens in a vacuum. We all work together and without collective support, volunteers, love, and adoptions, the success of the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation wouldn’t be possible.

Mitchell Modell And Ray Bouderau

Mitch Modell, CEO, Modell's Sporting Good then started a surprise live auction on a priceless package for two people to travel with the Brooklyn Nets on the team plane, stay at the team hotel and then return to New York with the team after having watched the game from premium seating. The winner was Ray Bouderau who bid $10,000 for the experience, which will be donated to the Shelter. The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation's Ninth Annual Unconditional Love Gala will be held on July 21st, 2018. For more information, please visit the Foundations website at

Lucia Hwong Gordon With Flo Anthony

Additional supporters included, Flo Anthony, Edgar Batista, Ray Boderau, Nina Burleigh, Darold Cuba, Craig Dix, Scott Elkins, Joseph Fichera, Renee Schlather, Montgomery Frazier, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Larry Kaiser, Roy Kean, Steven Knoble, Robert Lohman, Jennifer Miller, Nicole Noonan, Barbara and Ken Poliwoda, Ann Rapp, Paola and Arnie Rosenshein, Jerry Rosenthal, Natalie Ross, Randi Schatz, Patricia Shiah, and Felicia Taylor.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


John Wegorzewski Memorial

To everyone that knew and loved John Wegorzewski, his memorial service is being held Monday Oct. 24, 2016 at 2 pm The Church Of Our Savior. The address is 59 Park Avenue @ 38th street in New York City.

The Memorial Mass by Jean Shafiroff, Ann Rapp and Rob Rich.

Monday, July 18, 2016


Jean Shafiroff

Victor De Souza With Kevin Roche

Michael Gross With Geoffrey Bradfield

Philanthropist and author Jean Shafiroff hosted a Bastille Day Luncheon for close friends recently at Le Cirque Restaurant in New York to honor the French national holiday, Bastille Day. This holiday celebrates the unity of the French people after the Storming of the Bastille prison in Paris, France in 1789.

Jean Shafiroff, a board member of the French Heritage Society in New York City, spoke passionately against the Paris terror attacks that occurred on November 13, 2015. Moments after her luncheon, there would be another terrorist attack this time in Nice, France. On an annual day of celebration, when French people should feel proud and unified, fear rippled through the country after the tragedy.

Lee Fryd With Randi Schatz And Janna Bullock

Lucia Hwong Gordon With Ann Rapp And Roy Kean

Last year, on Sunday, November 15, 2015, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney and Jean Shafiroff co-hosted a candle light vigil to a packed room of supporters. French-Americans living in New York City commemorated the victims who lost their lives after a terrorist attack in Paris in November of 2015.

Notable attendees included: Jean Shafiroff, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Best-selling authors Michael Gross and Nina Burleigh, Sharon Bush, CeCe Black, International Decorator Geoffrey Bradfield, Ann Rapp, Roy Kean, Catherine Sabino, Janna Bullock, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Randi Schatz, Victor De Souza, Lee Fryd, Lady Lillian Cavendish, Patricia Shia, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Margot Langenberg, Kevin Roche.

 Photos By: Patrick McMullan

Sunday, June 07, 2015



Photos By: James Edstrom

Liz And Jean Shafiroff With Bella

Frederico Wasserman With Lisa Bernstein

Katlean DeMonchy

Ann Rapp And Roy Kean

Jean Shafiroff

Claude Stanton And Flo Anthony

Alex Donner

Jean Shafiroff And Patrick McMullan

Joan Jedell
Jean Shafiroff and Patrick McMullan hosted cocktails for SAVE THE PIT BULLS for Southampton Animal Shelter In New York City at a private residence. Approximately 120 of New York's finest came out to show their support. The party was a kick-off party for Southampton Animal Shelter's July 18,2015 Gala to be held in Southampton on the grounds of a private residence on tony Gin Lane. At the party the Shafiroff's well- behaved pit bulls, Daisy and Bella, mingled with guests who sipped on champagne and appetizers. Those in attendance included Ann Rapp, Geoffrey Bradfield, Margo Langenberg, Alex Donner, Nick Graham, Pat Gray (Executive Director of the Shelter), Martin Shafiroff, Roy Kean, Randi Schatz, Flo Anthony, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Dr. Terri Meekens, Jane Schindler, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Pamela O'Connor, Zach Weiss, Lisa Bernstein, Joyce Brooks, Katlean DeMonchy, Elizabeth Shafiroff, Katie McEntee, Cole Rumbough, Lindsey Spielfogal, Ike Ude, Joan Judell, Victor de Souza, Zoe Bullock, Morgan O'Connor, Adam Weiss and Paul Schindler.

Dawne Marie Grannum

Victor de Souza

Pat Gray And Jean Shafiroff
Jean Shafiroff and Partick McMullan hosted the party to raise awareness about the discrimination against pit bulls. The Shafiroff's two pit bulls, Daisy and Bella, were both rescued from Animal Care and Control in NYC. Both dogs were on ACC's list to be euthanized. Jean spoke about all the joy Daisy and Bella brings to the Shafiroff home. "Sadly, the first dogs to be euthanized at most shelters are pit bulls. They are also the ones that find it most difficult to be adopted. Public opinion against pit bulls must be changed. Pit bull fighting is a crime in the United States and those involved in such fights are subject to prosecution," said Jean. Southampton Animal Shelter is ranked among the top 10% of Shelters in the United States. It has a live release rate of 98%. For more information on Southampton Animal Shelter, please go to

Tuesday, March 17, 2015



Photos By: James Edstrom

Jean Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff With Victor De Souza

Michelle Javian With Dawne Marie Grannum And Sophia Bishop

Ed Callaghan And John Wegorzewski

Ann Rapp

Jean And Martin Shafiroff

Flo Anthony With Claude Stanton

Jean Shafiroff And Charles-Édouard Catherine

Cassandra Seidenfeld

New York philanthropists and benefactors Martin and Jean Shafiroff hosted a gala cocktail event in their Park Avenue apartment, benefiting Surgeons of Hope Foundation over the weekend.

Serving as a “kick-off” event for the upcoming Surgeons of Hope Gala Dinner and Auction, which will be held on Friday, May 1, 2015, the major annual fundraiser for New York-based Surgeons of Hope Foundation, the Shafiroff event recognized the work of SOH. Established in 2002 in New York, SOH is committed to bringing open-heart surgery to the poorest children in the poorest countries in Latin America.

Martin Shafiroff With Bella & Daisy Shafiroff

Lucia Hwong Gordon With Geoffrey Bradfield And Jean Shafiroff

Author Rose Hartman

Representing Surgeons of Hope in remarks at the Shafiroff event were Charles-Edouard Catherine, SOH Executive Director; and Michel Longchampt, Vice President and Treasurer. Also speaking was Jean Shafiroff, event host. Also in attendance were SOH board members Michel Berty, Arnaud de Vienne, Douglas Grandgeorge, Nathalie LeBos, Judith O’Neill, Esq., Robert Pine; and Marc Sage, Esq. Joining many notables from the contemporary press were others who are prominent in the New York social scene, including media celebrity Flo Anthony, Geoffrey Bradfield, Ann Rapp, Marie-Monique Steckel, Odile de Schietere-Longchampt, Kevin Hughes, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Victor de Souza, Nicole Noonan, and Randi Schatz.

About Surgeons of Hope

Beginning in 2002 under Alain Deloche’s leadership, Surgeons of Hope strives to provide every infant and child with a damaged heart with an equal opportunity to receive life-saving surgery. In order to immediately help children with heart defects, Surgeons of Hope organizes and deploys medical teams with volunteers from a number of international and national academic hospitals. Each medical mission is designed to meet the goals and needs of partner communities. For more information visit