Donnie Kehr

They are the only club in Hell’s Kitchen where our guests can come and see good, live music on any given night. And the wings alone are to die for.”

Bar 9 (www.bar9ny.com) owners Steven and Michael Padernacht are born and raised New Yorkers who grew up in the Bronx and now consider their atmospheric club in Hell’s Kitchen their home. “I know it may seem cliché,” Steven says, “but we truly have a Cheers type environment here.”

There’s a reason why patrons of the local and international variety both flock to Bar 9, a NYC staple for over 15 years. “People don’t think that live music and Hell’s Kitchen go together – but we have it right here, every night.” Steven considers Friday and Saturday nights to be the busiest as each week legendary Donnie Kehr (who most recently starred as Norm Waxman in the Clint Eastwood-movie adaptation of the play Jersey Boys) hosts the famed Dueling Pianos event, which just recently finished a successful run in Las Vegas but has now returned home to New York.

Club goers can reserve tables and see A-list talent getting guests to dance, laugh and sing along to their favorite hits. “Our guests control the show,” Steve says. “Every single night is completely unique as patrons request their favorite songs and see different musicians and entertainers perform hits like Great Balls of Fire, Uptown Girl or even Livin’ On A Prayer.”

Every Sunday, Bar 9 hosts a Jazz Brunch which is the perfect way to transition from drinking and dancing on Friday and Saturday nights to the weekly work grind that Monday morning brings. The soothing classic jazz vibes combined with an extensive menu including Tater Tots (Steve recommends their Tots as one of his personal favorites), Mozzarella Sticks, Nachos, Chicken Fingers, Flatbread Pizza and Pulled Pork Sliders is enough to ease anyone into the week. This Sunday the Dorian Devins Trio is featured at Jazz Brunch.

The rest of Bar 9’s week is filled with celebrity drop-ins and local entertainers who continue to come to the club because of its familial atmosphere. “My brother and I worked our way from the very bottom to the top. This is our sweat, our labor of love. Our entertainers and our guests are just part of the family now.”

Upcoming events are posted on the club’s website (http://www.bar9ny.com/events/) but due to the true theatrical nature of New York City, you may just want to stop by every night of the week because you never know who might be inside. Past celebrity surprise appearances include Saturday Night Live alumni Cecily Strong and Kyle Mooney.

Bar 9’s social media presence is part of what drives the familiar faces back to the club again and again. “I do the social media myself,” Steve says. “I love posting, talking with our customers, getting feedback and interacting with our community. It’s the best way to keep in touch and notify people in the city when big things are happening at the club.”

In a city where theatre, music and comedy rules, Bar 9 offers every guest a unique experience that encompasses everything locals and foreign travelers want to feel when they’re in New York City – music, friendship, laughter, dancing and fun. Steve Padernacht is proud of his little piece of history and says “Every single night is different. The same thing never happens twice at Bar 9, and that is why I love this place so very much. We’ve created something wonderful and it’s only getting bigger. Plus, we never charge a cover. Who else in New York can say that?”

For the most up to date information on Bar 9 and to make reservations you can also call 212-399-9336 or email BAR9ENT@GMAIL.COM for more information.

Photo Courtesy Of: Donnie Kehr