Austin Mahone

E! NEWS -- Sorry, Austin Mahone fans. He's really taken!

The "What About Love" singer sat down for an exclusive interview with E! News during the #InspIrie Golf Clinic during Irie Weekend and opened up about his girlfriend, Becky G. And what he has to say will make you swoon with jealousy!

Fans can take a good look at the cute couple on his Instagram page, where he posts adorable photos and videos of himself hanging out with his pop star girlfriend, whom he met two years ago at a recording studio. Although some celebs are anti-social media, Mahone loves it.

"It's a way I can tell my fans what I am doing and where I am going," he said.

Mahomies everywhere must be thankful for Instagram because they get some serious insights into his personal life with Becky G! So what about their relationship is so special? Their commonalities!

"What I love so much about Becky is I feel like I can just relate to her so much," he dished to E! News. "It's cool to date someone that does the same thing you do so you can express when you're stressed out about this and that, and they can be like 'I feel you and understand because I'm feeling the same.'"

He added, "So it's pretty cool!"

As with any celebrity relationship, distance can be a drag, but these two seem to have a good grip on it. He told us, "Distance is always tough, but we make it work."

The secret to their success is probably in their romantic dates! Mahone revealed one of his favorites was when he surprised her with a trip to the zoo.

"She didn't know where she was going, and I was just driving for two hours because this place was super far and she was going crazy in the car wondering where we were going," he explained. "We pulled up to this place—it's like a zoo. It's hard to explain, but you can go in and hold animals. We were playing with baby tigers, bears and little monkeys.

"It was so cute, and I had such a good time with her," he added.


These two seem to be getting pretty serious, especially since Mahone admitted to us that they've met each other's parents! They'll also be spending the Fourth of July together at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

So can we expect a collaboration from these two anytime soon?!

"Yes actually!" he spilled. "I wrote and produced a song at my house and asked her to come over to do a verse with me, and I think I'll be putting it on my new album, so it's pretty cool."

And that's not the only duet we should expect. The "Loving You Is Easy" singer revealed he might be working with Chris Brown and other musicians for his upcoming album.

"I am trying to get a collaboration with Chris Brown because he is my favorite artist and that would be pretty awesome! Also, I wrote a song and produced it at my house with Pia Mia," he said. "I thought it would be great to get her on that just for fun."

There's one other artist he'd love to work with: Drake.