Joan Rivers

The Met Gala is one of fashion's biggest nights, so there was one particular critic who was sorely missed from the festivities—Joan Rivers.

There's no doubt the late comedian and former Fashion Police host would have had a ball talking about all of the lavish and elaborate fashion statements of the night, but luckily, E! News was able to catch up with her daughter Melissa Rivers, who was promoting her new book Book of Joan.

And not only did she give us her two cents on some of the night's big looks, but she also dished on what she thinks her mother would've said about them.

Melissa even shared who her famous mom would've chosen as the best dressed of the night, and shocker! It's not Beyoncé.

"Oh she loved Rihanna. My mother would've said, 'That's how you make an entrance,'" she told Alicia Quarles. "That girl knows how to make an entrance. If anyone is going to show up Beyoncé, it's Rihanna."

But that's not to say Bey didn't bring it. "It was beautiful. She's beautiful. She knows how to rock a dress. I feel like we've seen her do this before," Melissa explains, adding that Joan would've said, "Beautiful, perfect, wonderful but you've done this! You've done this!"

Then it was the battle of the booty. Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian both made sure to put their greatest asset on dispay at the Met Gala, and while it may be difficult to choose who rocked a budonkadonk the best that night, Melissa picked her winner.

"I think they're both phenomenal, but I'm a J.Lo love, I love my J.Lo. Doesn't mean I don't love Kim, because Kim, that dress from the front—gasp. That picture of her standing on the steps and the train, there's all that white. Phenomenal. But I'm on team J.Lo," she explains and it seems like Joan would've agreed.

"My mom would think J.Lo…the sun rose and set."