George Lopez

Don Cheadle And Anthony Anderson

George Lopez, Danny Masterson, Andy Garcia, Joe Mantegna, Rob Riggle, Arsenio Hall, Anthony Anderson, Tim Allen, Richard Karn, Kevin Rahn, Cedric the Entertainer, Don Cheadle, Drake Bell and more celebrities came out in support of the 8th annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic presented by Sabra Salsa to benefit The George Lopez Foundation at the Lakeside Golf Club in Toluca Lake, California.

Richard Karn And Tim Allen

Danny Masterson
Off the course, stars snacked on Sabra brand salsa and guacamole in the Sabra Salsa Garden. Blackish star Anthony Anderson snacked on the mango salsa exclaiming that it was a “party in his mouth.” Anderson decided it was his favorite "hole" on the course and hung out at the Salsa Garden before returning to the course. Comedian Tim Allen was so excited for the Sabra guacamole he made a beeline for the Salsa Garden nearly causing a cart crash with another golfer. Once inside the Salsa Garden Allen posed for a photo with longtime pal and former Home Improvement co-star Richard Karn. Don Cheadle prepped for his game by stocking up on Sabra chips and guacamole “to go” containers, while Jamie Bamber settled into the Salsa Garden stating "just making myself at home here".

The Salsa Garden got to see a surprise performance when Gary Valentine decided to freestyle a love song to a tomato. Hollywood veteran Alan Thicke stopped by the Salsa Garden where he chatted with friends about the tournament and how much he loves supporting the cause. After the round guests also enjoyed a gift lounge where Cedric the Entertainer, Anthony Anderson, Richard Karn and Madmen star Kevin Rahn also picked up some Sabra salsa and fun items. 

Photos Courtesy Of: Domain MSA