Fifth Harmony

The Fifth Harmony girls are basically the definition of confidence goals, whether they're reminding us all to love the skin we're in, supporting fans who are brave enough to be themselves, or giving us kickass girl power anthems like "Worth It." But the girls weren't always this sure of themselves, and in the June/ July issue of Seventeen, on stands May 19, they open up about overcoming the same kinds of insecurities we all deal with, from body image issues to fears about speaking up and fitting in. Get inspired by the amazing ways your fave girl group became the confident powerhouses we know and love today.

PLUS, Camila Cabello Opens Up About Ex Austin Mahone.

Camila Cabello On Finding Her Voice

"Growing up, I was extremely shy. When I started at a new school, I didn't even know who to sit with at lunch. I was walking around the hallways, trying to act like I had somewhere to go. It felt like I was invisible. Singing has made me feel like I fit in. I'm so much more comfortable being myself now."

Ally Brooke On Speaking Up

"I used to be really scared to voice my opinion, whether it was with the other girls or just about an outfit I didn't like. I kept worrying what other people would think of me if they didn't agree. But I learned that I was just hurting myself. I live by the quote 'Speak even if your voice shakes.'"

Normani Kordei On Staying Confident

"It's really important to look at yourself in the mirror and have a conversation. Tell yourself you're beautiful every single day. Even if you're not feeling that great in an outfit, but you like how your hair looks, focus on that. The only person holding you back is you."

Dinah Jane On Body Image

"Everyone knows I'm the thick girl. I used to be so sad about it, but being Polynesian, we're naturally thick-boned. I realized it was like I was ashamed of my culture and needed to stop bringing myself down."

Lauren Jauregui On Doing You

"Women are often made to feel like they have to be a certain type of girl, but you can be anything you want to be."