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Thursday, February 04, 2016


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba covers the March issue of Cosmopolitan (on newsstands February 9). Alba has become one of America’s richest self-made women, worth more, as of last year, than BeyoncĂ© and Jennifer Lawrence, per Forbes estimations. Here, the actor-turned-tycoon outlines the honest truth behind her success.

Jessica Alba Quotes

On her first career: "I always wanted to be a big action star, to be as relevant as men. I was very aggressive with the vision and manifesting it.”

On owning your femininity: “Most of my life, I identified more with my masculine side. I was kind of aggressive and super masculine in my early 20s—even into my mid- 20s. I got boobs when I was young… and I was like, What do I do?… I was never the girl who they marketed. I was always feeling angry, like an imposter. I learned how to be cool with the feminine later in life."

On never doubting your own expertise: “I’m in a man’s world in business. But I know what women want— [men] don’t… Whenever [male colleagues] question me in meetings, I’m like, ‘Go home and ask your wife. This is a pointless conversation. Go home and talk to her.’ When we were talking about package designs, I was like, ‘Are you really giving me notes on packaging for feminine care? I literally can’t with you.’”

On equal pay: "There are not as many women in government titles, business titles. It’s just not equal. And until there is equality, you’re going to feel that no matter what industry you’re in. But from day one, I was like, girls should have an equal seat at the table. Take Jennifer Lawrence. I mean, she’s opening movies—she’s the box office draw as much as any guy in the movie, if not more. She should be compensated for that."


Sue Klebold

Diane Sawyer

ABC NEWS announces “Silence Broken: A Mother’s Reckoning,” a Diane Sawyer special edition of “20/20,” will air on Friday, February 12at 10 p.m., ET. After nearly 17 years, Sue Klebold, the mother of Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold, speaks on television for the first time ever about the tragedy, the victims, the relationship with her son and what it was like inside their home. The ABC News primetime special examines the impact of and lessons from the tragic day that changed America. Sawyer reports on teenage mental health, potential clues that could help a parent learn if their child is in crisis, and if it is possible to prevent the next school shooting.

Klebold discusses her experience in her memoir, “A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy,” which will be released on February 15, 2016, by Crown. Klebold is donating all of her profits from the book to research and to charitable foundations with a focus on mental health issues. More information about the book: will publish excerpts, additional reporting and links to mental health resources.

Sawyer’s special will air on all ABC News programs and platforms, including “Good Morning America,” “World News Tonight with David Muir,” “Nightline,”, ABC News Radio and ABC NewsOne.

David Sloan is senior executive producer of “20/20.”

Klebold Photo Courtesy Of: ABC News

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Maya Rudolph

In the February issue of Marie Claire on newsstands now, the Sisters actress and star of the upcoming Mr. Pig movie, Maya Rudolph, shares her secrets to career success, an enduring love for Prince, and invents an Olympic sport.

Maya Rudolph Quotes:

What was the first album you bought?

"A 45 of Weird Al Yankovic's "My Bologna."

If you could live abroad, where would it be?

"Transylvania. Sounds kind of fun to be a vampire."

What's one thing you're exceptionally good at?

"Connect Four."

What's a superhero power you'd want to have?

“ The power to stop the sound of whining.”

Friday, January 22, 2016


Tyler Posey On Larry King

MTV’s “Teen Wolf” star Tyler Posey sat down with Larry King on the Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now” and discussed his forthcoming directorial debut on the hit MTV show, his funniest moments on set and how he deals with the show's legions of loyal fans.

Tyler also finds out for the first time that his previous “Teen Wolf” cast mate Charlie Carver officially announced he's gay via a very poignant Instagram post.

“This is the first time hearing of that. I’ve definitely known, that’s so great man. Oh my god. I had no idea.” Larry asks, “Does it mean anything anymore? Who cares!” Tyler followed up, “I think it’s getting easier and easier to do for people, like the other day I was driving by these 2 kids wearing backpacks from high school and they were holding hands, boys, and I loved it. I thought it was so cool. I really dug it. I thought it was really cool.”

Plus, Tyler details his plans to take over for Larry King one day, looks back at his time working alongside Jennifer Lopez in "Maid in Manhattan" & answers fan questions in his full episode airing Monday, February 15th.

Tyler Posey’s episode premieres Monday, February 15th at 11am PST/ 2pm EST on

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Damian Lewis

New York, NY — Homeland star Damian Lewis returns to Showtime with Billions, playing a hedge-fund titan using all his power to stay ahead of the law. Just in time for the show’s January 17 debut, he sat down with Cigar Aficionado to talk about his latest anti-hero role, his time on Homeland and the show’s portrayal of Islam, and how he maintains work-life balance with his wife, Helen McCrory (a semi-regular on Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful”) and their two children, among a variety of other topics.

The February cover story in Cigar Aficionado hits newsstands January 12. Select quotes include:

On Billions and his new acting role: “Bobby is a character who plays right to the strength of what is best about television right now. I feel very fortunate, really, to be working in this particular realm at this particular moment. It’s my great fortune that I came of age at a time when this new form of television was developing.”

On why TV today is better than film: “It’s become increasingly difficult to make movies. So the sophisticated, interesting stories are being told on TV, where it’s easier to get them made. People realized they could write scripts that were more complicated, that you can tell over a 12-hour period. And people take these 12-hour movies and binge-watch them. David Simon (creator of The Wire) referred to this form as novelized drama. Watching one of these long-form dramas does feel more like getting involved with a novel.”

On Homeland and his fame that came from the show: “The immediate effect was a more aggressive kind of fandom. I was used to being stopped in the street, but there was something a little more hysterical about those encounters after ‘Homeland.’ People will physically grab you and stand right on your toes, to get a camera to your face.”

On talking with President Obama, who, at a state dinner, informed Lewis that Homeland is his favorite show: “He was extremely charming and funny, talking about how much he enjoyed the series. I finally asked him, ‘When do you have time to watch TV?’ And he said, ‘Well, on Saturdays, when Michelle takes the girls to play tennis. I go into the Oval Office and watch some TV.’ That was such a great image to me: of POTUS, his feet up on the desk, kicking back to watch ‘Homeland.’”

On an encounter with Bill Clinton, in which the former president spent 20 minutes offering a private assessment of how important he thought Homeland was in its portrayal of Islam: “It was fascinating…I can’t tell you how often I get stopped by people, who appreciate my depiction of an observant Muslim.”

Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Caitlyn Jenner

Tune in to E! News tonight at 7 and 11 for more of our exclusive interview with Caitlyn Jenner.

"I was with the family," the I Am Cait star told E! News last night at a screening of Tangerine in L.A. "I went over to Kylie's for awhile, spent some time there, and then Kourtney right up the street was having a party. It was very quick, easy. I was out of their by 9 o'clock and went home and went to bed."

And yes, she saw her grandson Saint West. "He was upstairs sleeping," Jenner said.

Asked who Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's little one resembles, Jenner (who looked fab in black pants and a lacy top) cracked, "He doesn't look like me."

Jenner also opened up about what she was hoping to see for the transgender community in 2016.

"I want to see more understanding," she said. "I want to see the whole movement move forward. Jobs are a huge issue. Just getting proper ID, gender markers, is a major issue...All of these things are big issues in the community. There's a lot of homelessness. The list goes on and on and on."

Tangerine tells the story of two trans sex workers on Christmas Eve in Hollywood. Jenner said she hosted the screening because "it's really important" that trans people support each other. "We need to tell these stories."


Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly covers the February issue of Seventeen (on newsstands tomorrow today). Rejection sucks, but without it, Tori Kelly wouldn’t be where she is today. The singer-songwriter reveals why she’s never lost sight of her dreams—or her smile.

Tori Kelly Quotes

On Simon Cowell deeming her voice “almost annoying” and being ousted before semifinals on American Idol: “Deep down, I knew I was good, and I knew I could do it. I needed to get knocked down and to build up a thick skin. Who knows what I would have been singing about otherwise? You have to go through things in order to inspire others with your story.”

On whether she and Ed Sheeran are more than friends: "I knew that was coming, but no. Working with him was a really cool experience because I was a fan and I didn’t know how it would go, but right away he made it super-chill. Ever since then, he’s been someone I consider a friend and even a mentor.”

On dealing with her manager saying she was boring: "He told me, “People are saying you are vanilla and that you have nothing to say.” I was like, Whoa. I remembered record-label guys telling me I was really reserved when I was younger. Like, “Wake up, you should be bubbly and happy!” And I was thinking, But this is my personality; I’m just chilling. So I went right back to being that little girl who was just so freaked out. I acted as if I didn’t care, but I went home that night and just poured all the feelings that I was holding back into my music. That’s how “Unbreakable Smile” came to be.”

Monday, December 14, 2015


Larry King With Tom Jones

Legendary singer Sir Tom Jones sits down with Larry King on Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now” and responds to reports that he is getting a DNA test to determine if he has African American ancestry as well as allegations of homophobia and tells his interpretation surrounding the allegations of homophobia regarding remarks he recently made about a gay music producer he worked with in the 60s. He also discusses his storied career and new music including his take on Adele. Plus, why he chose to omit his alleged extramarital affairs from his new autobiography and his panty problem - why women throwing their underwear on stage went from a “sexy thing” to a “problem.”


But first, when Sir Tom Jones explains the root of the idea of a DNA test to Larry King saying, "A reporter said to me, ‘Would you be opposed to a DNA test?' And I said, 'No, I wouldn't be opposed to it.' And that was it. So now in the paper, Tom Jones is getting a DNA test to find out whether he's black or not. Well, I never said that."

"I don't think it's important. It's not what has made me. I've always looked at entertainers as why is that person where he or she is? What's the talent? That's the main thing. The rest of it is part of life. It's not what got you there. It's not what is the real person." - On why he didn't write about his affairs in his autobiography

"Actually it was a sexy thing at the beginning." - On women throwing their panties at him

"When you're singing in working men's clubs where I come from in South Wales, if somebody throws something at you, you try and turn it into an advantage. So that was it." - On catching his first pair of panties and wiping his brow with them

"Music, when I started in the 60's, it was always youth driven. You know, they're always looking for young talent and I don't think that's changed." - When asked about the change in the music industry

"She has a lovely voice, and she appeals to a lot of people, which I think is great because she is a singer's singer." - On Adele

"She gives other singers hope, that are coming into the business. With electronics the way they are now, there's a lot of electrical sounding records, with autotune but Adele sings very much in tune."

"A reporter said to me, ‘Would you be opposed to a DNA test?' And I said, 'No, I wouldn't be opposed to it.' And that was it. So now in the paper, Tom Jones is getting a DNA test to find out whether he's black or not. Well, I never said that."

"I would like to make a good movie. I would've liked to have had a go at it when I was young." - On something he would like to accomplish

"It was tremendous. It was a little scary at first. When I was first told about it, I thought, what do I have to do? Do I have to change my lifestyle? Is there anything I have to do?" - On being knighted

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Miley Cyrus

E! NEWS -- Miley Cyrus killed Hannah Montana using a potent combination of sexuality, foam fingers and marijuana. And it happened right in front of our eyes.

Her transformation began exactly two years ago, when she caused international outrage by twerking her butt offagainst Robin Thicke's crotch during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The performance came across as desperate, a suggestion that she was willing to do anything to break free from the shackles of her Disney-sweetheart alter ego.

But two years later, as she gears up to host tonight's VMAs ceremony, we know how wrong we were. It has become remarkably clear that Miley is much smarter than anyone initially gave her credit for.

She may have stuck a fork in Hannah Montana that night, but she reinvented Miley Cyrus.

Here are five things we're loving about Miley 2.0:

She Outwitted Her Critics:

For a while, Miley's spree of candid marijuana talk, twerking and tongue-wagging gave the impression she needed to come with a permanent NC-17 warning. And we weren't the only ones who thought so. In her recent New York Times interview, Miley admitted: "People that I really loved and thought were my friends judged me for it. They were like, ‘You were on drugs when you did that performance.' I did nothing! I still don't get it."

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Iggy Azalea Seventeen Cover

Iggy Azalea appears on the cover of Seventeen’s September issue (on newsstands August 11). Iggy Azalea isn’t afraid to speak her mind — on social media or in her music. In an honest and revealing interview, she shows off the power of being true to yourself.

Iggy Azalea Quotes

On whether she’s had a nose job: “I’m not denying it. Denying it is lame. I don’t think you should be ashamed if you made a change to yourself, which is why I’ve spoken about the changes I’ve made, like with my breasts.”

On plastic surgery: “Your perception of yourself can change a lot over time, so I think it’s important to wait and make sure it’s the right choice. Plastic surgery is an emotional journey. It’s no easy feat to live with your flaws and accept yourself—and it’s no easy feat to change yourself. Either way you look at it, it’s a tough journey. There are things that I didn’t like about myself that I changed through surgery. There are other things I dislike but I’ve learned to accept. It’s important to remember you can’t change everything. You can never be perfect."

On whether her looks are under more scrutiny now: “It’s hard to be a woman in 2015 with social media. There’s so much more emphasis on taking pictures of ourselves and the “likes” or people commenting on them. There’s a lot more pressure to look beautiful. Some days I just want to look like s*** and feel okay with that.”

Monday, June 29, 2015


Avril Lavigne

This morning on “Good Morning America” singer Avril Lavigne sat down for an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Jesse Palmer to discuss her debilitating Lyme disease diagnosis.

Singer Avril Lavigne said she’s seeing progress in her treatment for Lyme disease, which struck her last year while she was on tour.

Her treatment regimen has included multiple antibiotics and ample rest.

“I'm about halfway through my treatment,” the Canadian singer said in an interview with ABC News’ Jesse Palmer. "I'm doing a lot better. Seeing a lot of progress. ... I'm just really grateful to know that, like, I will make [a] 100 percent recovery."

Lavigne, 30, said trying to get a diagnosis was the worst time of her life.

“I literally became bedridden last October,” the “Complicated” singer said, adding that she saw multiple specialists who failed to get to the root of the problem. “They would pull up their computer and be like, ‘Chronic fatigue syndrome.’ Or, ‘Why don't you try to get out of bed, Avril, and just go play the piano?’ It's like, ‘Are you depressed?’”

Lavigne said she would wake up with night sweats and felt as though she had the flu.

“This went on and off for a month,” she said. "And I saw my doctor right away, got blood tests, got swabbed, and they didn't really know what was wrong with me."

It wasn’t until two months into the symptoms that she said she suspected Lyme disease.

“I started going to other doctors and, like, specifically telling them and asking, like, ‘I have Lyme disease. I know I do. Can you check me?’” she said. "Then I finally figured out, 'Find a Lyme specialist.'"

"And the thing is, when you're a specialist, you also really know the disease inside and out and you can diagnose their symptoms," Lavigne said.

After getting the diagnosis of Lyme disease, which Lavigne believes she got from a tick bite last spring, the singer was bedridden for five months in her Ontario home.

Lavigne, who is married to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, said her family and fans have helped her through her ordeal.

Many fans, she said, made videos and sent her letters and posters and other items to show their support.

“I sat there in my bed and I watched the videos and, like, did exactly what I'm doing now. I cried through the whole thing,” she said, laughing. “Honestly, I felt very, very loved. And it sounds silly saying it, but I really truly did feel my fans through the process.”

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Leven Rambin

True Detective’s Leven Rambin appears in Marie Claire July issue (on newsstands June 23). Life is tense for Leven on-screen. See: True Detective and indie thriller 7 Minutes. But off set, the 25-year-old rocks a chill surfer vibe.

Leven Rambin Quotes

First Wave

"I was cast in Chasing Mavericks, a 2012 movie about a big-wave surfer from Santa Cruz, California, named Jay Moriarity. (I played his girlfriend, Kim.) As training, I surfed every day for two or three hours."

Rough Waters

"It was like learning to run before you can walk. Santa Cruz in the winter has pretty intense conditions. swell gal I've always been a tomboy, but I never thought I was a big water-sports person. Once I got into the water and the culture, something just took over me."

Monday, June 01, 2015


Nicki Minaj In Cosmo

Nicki Minaj covers the July issue of Cosmopolitan, on stands June 9. The world’s highest paid female rapper, currently on tour for her most recent album The Pinkprint, opens up to the magazine about money, breakups, and demanding an orgasm every time.

On being open about discussing money:

“Women are uncomfortable talking about money. I know it’s taboo to discuss it at work. Technically, you shouldn’t, but you need to know what people around you are making. Otherwise, you’re not going to know what you’re worth. You have to ask questions. ‘What is this person getting?’ Do your research. I’ve always been pretty competitive in terms of my pay.”

On recording The Pinkprint after a tough breakup with Safaree Samuels:

“I didn’t [set out] to write a personal album, but The Pinkprint came at a very crucial time in my life. I realized that people can up and take off at any given moment. As women, we are vulnerable and emotional, and that’s okay. I had to learn quickly that if you don’t have a sense of self, you can be destroyed by a man. You can be destroyed by a relationship. I had to ask myself, ‘Who am I? Is this good enough?’ I had to approve of myself and my skills."

On being high-maintenance in bed:

“I demand that I climax. I think women should demand that. I have a friend who’s never had an orgasm in her life. In her life! That hurts my heart. It’s cuckoo to me. We always have orgasm interventions where we, like, show her how to do stuff. We’ll straddle each other, saying, ‘You gotta get on him like that and do it like this.’ She says she’s a pleaser. I’m a pleaser, but it’s 50/50."

On where she sees herself in ten years:

“Ten years from now, I will have two children, unless my husband wants three. I will be into my fitness a lot more, I will stop yo-yo dieting, and I’ll be a housewife with careers that I can run from home. I want to be able to cook for my children, bake cookies for them, and watch them grow up. I just want to be Mommy. Take them to school, go to the parent-teacher conference, help them with their homework, and put their work on the refrigerator.”

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is responding to questions about allegations of sexual assault for the first time in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Linsey Davis.

The actor and comedian is in Alabama, where he is spreading his message of education, preparing to speak with students later today. Cosby, 77, admitted that he expects some backlash.

“I think that many of them may say, ‘Well, you are a hypocrite. You say one thing, you say another,’” he told Davis. “My point is, 'OK, listen to me carefully. I’m telling you where the road is out. I’m telling you where, as you drive, you are going to go into the water. Now, you want to go here or you want to be concerned about who is giving you the message?'”

More than 30 women have come forward in the past six months, some accusing Cosby of drugging or sexually assaulting them. His legal team has issued a number of denials. Cosby has never been criminally charged. Three of his accusers have filed a defamation lawsuit against him, which Cosby is trying to get dismissed.


The Grace Helbig Show

E!’s hybrid comedy talk show, “The Grace Helbig Show,” brings the laughs when the show welcomes Jack Black and Adam DeVine on Sunday, May 31st and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Sunday, June 7th at 11:00pm ET/PT.

On Sunday, May 31st Jack Blackand Pitch Perfect 2 star Adam DeVine join Grace for an episode full of ridiculous antics and off-the-cuff pop culture conversation. Then, on Sunday, June 7th Grace’s wishes will finally come true when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – aka Grace’s dream guest – stops by the #GraceShow house.

Discover what all of the buzz is about when “The Grace Helbig Show” airs Sunday, May 31st and Sunday, June 7th at 11:00pm ET/PT. And be a part of the show by joining the conversation across social using the hashtag #GraceShow and handle @GraceShow.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Fifth Harmony

The Fifth Harmony girls are basically the definition of confidence goals, whether they're reminding us all to love the skin we're in, supporting fans who are brave enough to be themselves, or giving us kickass girl power anthems like "Worth It." But the girls weren't always this sure of themselves, and in the June/ July issue of Seventeen, on stands May 19, they open up about overcoming the same kinds of insecurities we all deal with, from body image issues to fears about speaking up and fitting in. Get inspired by the amazing ways your fave girl group became the confident powerhouses we know and love today.

PLUS, Camila Cabello Opens Up About Ex Austin Mahone.

Camila Cabello On Finding Her Voice

"Growing up, I was extremely shy. When I started at a new school, I didn't even know who to sit with at lunch. I was walking around the hallways, trying to act like I had somewhere to go. It felt like I was invisible. Singing has made me feel like I fit in. I'm so much more comfortable being myself now."

Ally Brooke On Speaking Up

"I used to be really scared to voice my opinion, whether it was with the other girls or just about an outfit I didn't like. I kept worrying what other people would think of me if they didn't agree. But I learned that I was just hurting myself. I live by the quote 'Speak even if your voice shakes.'"


Larry King With Ethan Hawke

Four-time Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke sits down with Larry on the Emmy nominated series Larry King Now for the first time in their careers to discuss his controversial new film, Good Kill, his Boyhood co-star Patricia Arquette and the highly anticipated remake he's starring in.

Responding to a compliment by his Boyhood co-star Patricia Arquette, and in an era where ‘selfies’ and what’s best for the individual seem to reign, Ethan Hawke simply yet beautifully explained why people are better off working as a “collective,” “That's my life's goal, is to you know, contribute and make substance of art, but do it as a collective, because that's how good things get done, as a collective… It has to do with, I think, a psychological stance of putting the whole ahead of the individual, and it’s something that has been taught to me, and something I most would like to pass on to my daughter and son.”

The actor opened up about his role in his new film Good Kill and playing a character who uses drones, "I find it interesting because I think part of the role of the artistic community is to tell these stories. That these stories are the only way that the public and your average citizen can have a vocabulary." The star then discussed with Larry the practicality and moral dilemma associated with American drone strikes. "When you don't have troops on the ground and you're not really gaining intelligence, and you're not really there, [...] you can't really win a war when you're not there." On drones helping getting the troops out of Afghanistan and their feasibility, Ethan admitted, "It works. It's pretty undeniable that it works… what usually ends war is body bags coming home or the costs getting too high, but with the drones, body bags don't come home, and the costs are relatively cheap.”

Prominent actor, writer and director Ethan Hawke responded to his Boyhood co-star’s much talked about Oscar speech calling for wage equality in Hollywood, "I have been making movies for thirty years, I've probably made over forty movies, and this year is the first time I've been directed by a woman. People think that gender equality has happened- and it's fascinating having three daughters, and seeing the world through their eyes, it really does turn you into a feminist.”

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Justin Bieber In Seventeen Magazine

Justin Bieber covers the June/July ’15 issue of Seventeen, on newsstands nationwide May 19. After months of misbehaving, the pop star tells Seventeen that he’s ready to get serious again – about his life, his music, and his relationships.

On his year of bad behavior:

“I was rebelling a little bit. I was getting cockier and cockier. I didn’t have people to check me. I looked back and I was disappointed in myself."

On making mistakes:

“You have to own up to the mistakes. You have to say, I’m sorry if I’ve let you down. I always want to be honest and let people know that those mistakes aren’t who I am. Who I am is someone who really cares about people.”

On relationships:

“I need healthy relationships with people I can feel safe with. People I can say whatever to, and I’m not going to be judged. In a girl, I want someone who’s confident in herself and honest. I have to find her very attractive and as someone I can see myself with for the rest of my life.”


Popular TV chef and author Sandra Lee has breast cancer, she revealed in a tearful interview that aired on "Good Morning America" today.

Lee, 48, told "GMA" co-anchor Robin Roberts, who is herself a breast cancer survivor, about the moment she got the news. She said she was doing a photo shoot for the Most Beautiful issue of People magazine on March 27.

"And I walked off the set, and 20 minutes later my doctor called and told me I had breast cancer," she said. "I didn't even cry, I was stunned … You know, and that's just how fast life turns. It turns on a dime."

The lifestyle guru is best known for her television shows -- including "Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee," multiple cookbooks and a magazine.

Lee, whose partner is New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo, said doctors caught the cancer early. She has had a lumpectomy and is gearing up for a second surgery.

Lee told Roberts about her treatment plan. The interview was recorded on Friday but aired on "GMA" today.

"When the lumpectomy was done, they did not have clean margins. And so I went back to my radiologist," who told her she would have daily radiation for six to eight weeks, she said.

They also told suggested that she have a mastectomy.


Rachel McAdams In Marie Claire

Rachel McAdams appears on the cover of Marie Claire’s June issue (on newsstands May 19). No more Ms. Nice Guy. As a rough-around-the-edges law enforcer in this month’s cult crime show True Detective, McAdams is like nothing we’ve seen before. Which is just the way she likes it. The cover and an inside photo can be downloaded here. Below are a few quotes from the interview.

Rachel McAdams Quotes

On her role in True Detective as Detective Ani Bezzerides: “I love the exploration of someone who has such a different background from you. That exploration runs to compassion, and to cracking yourself open and creating more understanding of how weird and amazing life is.”

On her character in True Detective: “I love that she’s not the girlfriend or the wife… She doesn’t really care what everyone thinks; she feels no responsibility for other people’s feelings. She’s not trying to be charming, which isn’t always the case with a leading lady. There’s [usually] sort of a responsibility to be a little bit likeable… Not that you want to be a horrendous character, just a little more human.”

On calling time-out after the Mean Girls-Notebook-Wedding Crashers trifecta: “I had to kind of reassess and go, What did I want this [success] to be, and how did I expect it to look?”