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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Miley Cyrus

E! NEWS -- Miley Cyrus killed Hannah Montana using a potent combination of sexuality, foam fingers and marijuana. And it happened right in front of our eyes.

Her transformation began exactly two years ago, when she caused international outrage by twerking her butt offagainst Robin Thicke's crotch during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The performance came across as desperate, a suggestion that she was willing to do anything to break free from the shackles of her Disney-sweetheart alter ego.

But two years later, as she gears up to host tonight's VMAs ceremony, we know how wrong we were. It has become remarkably clear that Miley is much smarter than anyone initially gave her credit for.

She may have stuck a fork in Hannah Montana that night, but she reinvented Miley Cyrus.

Here are five things we're loving about Miley 2.0:

She Outwitted Her Critics:

For a while, Miley's spree of candid marijuana talk, twerking and tongue-wagging gave the impression she needed to come with a permanent NC-17 warning. And we weren't the only ones who thought so. In her recent New York Times interview, Miley admitted: "People that I really loved and thought were my friends judged me for it. They were like, ‘You were on drugs when you did that performance.' I did nothing! I still don't get it."

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Iggy Azalea Seventeen Cover

Iggy Azalea appears on the cover of Seventeen’s September issue (on newsstands August 11). Iggy Azalea isn’t afraid to speak her mind — on social media or in her music. In an honest and revealing interview, she shows off the power of being true to yourself.

Iggy Azalea Quotes

On whether she’s had a nose job: “I’m not denying it. Denying it is lame. I don’t think you should be ashamed if you made a change to yourself, which is why I’ve spoken about the changes I’ve made, like with my breasts.”

On plastic surgery: “Your perception of yourself can change a lot over time, so I think it’s important to wait and make sure it’s the right choice. Plastic surgery is an emotional journey. It’s no easy feat to live with your flaws and accept yourself—and it’s no easy feat to change yourself. Either way you look at it, it’s a tough journey. There are things that I didn’t like about myself that I changed through surgery. There are other things I dislike but I’ve learned to accept. It’s important to remember you can’t change everything. You can never be perfect."

On whether her looks are under more scrutiny now: “It’s hard to be a woman in 2015 with social media. There’s so much more emphasis on taking pictures of ourselves and the “likes” or people commenting on them. There’s a lot more pressure to look beautiful. Some days I just want to look like s*** and feel okay with that.”

Monday, June 29, 2015


Avril Lavigne

This morning on “Good Morning America” singer Avril Lavigne sat down for an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Jesse Palmer to discuss her debilitating Lyme disease diagnosis.

Singer Avril Lavigne said she’s seeing progress in her treatment for Lyme disease, which struck her last year while she was on tour.

Her treatment regimen has included multiple antibiotics and ample rest.

“I'm about halfway through my treatment,” the Canadian singer said in an interview with ABC News’ Jesse Palmer. "I'm doing a lot better. Seeing a lot of progress. ... I'm just really grateful to know that, like, I will make [a] 100 percent recovery."

Lavigne, 30, said trying to get a diagnosis was the worst time of her life.

“I literally became bedridden last October,” the “Complicated” singer said, adding that she saw multiple specialists who failed to get to the root of the problem. “They would pull up their computer and be like, ‘Chronic fatigue syndrome.’ Or, ‘Why don't you try to get out of bed, Avril, and just go play the piano?’ It's like, ‘Are you depressed?’”

Lavigne said she would wake up with night sweats and felt as though she had the flu.

“This went on and off for a month,” she said. "And I saw my doctor right away, got blood tests, got swabbed, and they didn't really know what was wrong with me."

It wasn’t until two months into the symptoms that she said she suspected Lyme disease.

“I started going to other doctors and, like, specifically telling them and asking, like, ‘I have Lyme disease. I know I do. Can you check me?’” she said. "Then I finally figured out, 'Find a Lyme specialist.'"

"And the thing is, when you're a specialist, you also really know the disease inside and out and you can diagnose their symptoms," Lavigne said.

After getting the diagnosis of Lyme disease, which Lavigne believes she got from a tick bite last spring, the singer was bedridden for five months in her Ontario home.

Lavigne, who is married to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, said her family and fans have helped her through her ordeal.

Many fans, she said, made videos and sent her letters and posters and other items to show their support.

“I sat there in my bed and I watched the videos and, like, did exactly what I'm doing now. I cried through the whole thing,” she said, laughing. “Honestly, I felt very, very loved. And it sounds silly saying it, but I really truly did feel my fans through the process.”

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Leven Rambin

True Detective’s Leven Rambin appears in Marie Claire July issue (on newsstands June 23). Life is tense for Leven on-screen. See: True Detective and indie thriller 7 Minutes. But off set, the 25-year-old rocks a chill surfer vibe.

Leven Rambin Quotes

First Wave

"I was cast in Chasing Mavericks, a 2012 movie about a big-wave surfer from Santa Cruz, California, named Jay Moriarity. (I played his girlfriend, Kim.) As training, I surfed every day for two or three hours."

Rough Waters

"It was like learning to run before you can walk. Santa Cruz in the winter has pretty intense conditions. swell gal I've always been a tomboy, but I never thought I was a big water-sports person. Once I got into the water and the culture, something just took over me."

Monday, June 01, 2015


Nicki Minaj In Cosmo

Nicki Minaj covers the July issue of Cosmopolitan, on stands June 9. The world’s highest paid female rapper, currently on tour for her most recent album The Pinkprint, opens up to the magazine about money, breakups, and demanding an orgasm every time.

On being open about discussing money:

“Women are uncomfortable talking about money. I know it’s taboo to discuss it at work. Technically, you shouldn’t, but you need to know what people around you are making. Otherwise, you’re not going to know what you’re worth. You have to ask questions. ‘What is this person getting?’ Do your research. I’ve always been pretty competitive in terms of my pay.”

On recording The Pinkprint after a tough breakup with Safaree Samuels:

“I didn’t [set out] to write a personal album, but The Pinkprint came at a very crucial time in my life. I realized that people can up and take off at any given moment. As women, we are vulnerable and emotional, and that’s okay. I had to learn quickly that if you don’t have a sense of self, you can be destroyed by a man. You can be destroyed by a relationship. I had to ask myself, ‘Who am I? Is this good enough?’ I had to approve of myself and my skills."

On being high-maintenance in bed:

“I demand that I climax. I think women should demand that. I have a friend who’s never had an orgasm in her life. In her life! That hurts my heart. It’s cuckoo to me. We always have orgasm interventions where we, like, show her how to do stuff. We’ll straddle each other, saying, ‘You gotta get on him like that and do it like this.’ She says she’s a pleaser. I’m a pleaser, but it’s 50/50."

On where she sees herself in ten years:

“Ten years from now, I will have two children, unless my husband wants three. I will be into my fitness a lot more, I will stop yo-yo dieting, and I’ll be a housewife with careers that I can run from home. I want to be able to cook for my children, bake cookies for them, and watch them grow up. I just want to be Mommy. Take them to school, go to the parent-teacher conference, help them with their homework, and put their work on the refrigerator.”

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is responding to questions about allegations of sexual assault for the first time in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Linsey Davis.

The actor and comedian is in Alabama, where he is spreading his message of education, preparing to speak with students later today. Cosby, 77, admitted that he expects some backlash.

“I think that many of them may say, ‘Well, you are a hypocrite. You say one thing, you say another,’” he told Davis. “My point is, 'OK, listen to me carefully. I’m telling you where the road is out. I’m telling you where, as you drive, you are going to go into the water. Now, you want to go here or you want to be concerned about who is giving you the message?'”

More than 30 women have come forward in the past six months, some accusing Cosby of drugging or sexually assaulting them. His legal team has issued a number of denials. Cosby has never been criminally charged. Three of his accusers have filed a defamation lawsuit against him, which Cosby is trying to get dismissed.


The Grace Helbig Show

E!’s hybrid comedy talk show, “The Grace Helbig Show,” brings the laughs when the show welcomes Jack Black and Adam DeVine on Sunday, May 31st and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Sunday, June 7th at 11:00pm ET/PT.

On Sunday, May 31st Jack Blackand Pitch Perfect 2 star Adam DeVine join Grace for an episode full of ridiculous antics and off-the-cuff pop culture conversation. Then, on Sunday, June 7th Grace’s wishes will finally come true when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – aka Grace’s dream guest – stops by the #GraceShow house.

Discover what all of the buzz is about when “The Grace Helbig Show” airs Sunday, May 31st and Sunday, June 7th at 11:00pm ET/PT. And be a part of the show by joining the conversation across social using the hashtag #GraceShow and handle @GraceShow.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Fifth Harmony

The Fifth Harmony girls are basically the definition of confidence goals, whether they're reminding us all to love the skin we're in, supporting fans who are brave enough to be themselves, or giving us kickass girl power anthems like "Worth It." But the girls weren't always this sure of themselves, and in the June/ July issue of Seventeen, on stands May 19, they open up about overcoming the same kinds of insecurities we all deal with, from body image issues to fears about speaking up and fitting in. Get inspired by the amazing ways your fave girl group became the confident powerhouses we know and love today.

PLUS, Camila Cabello Opens Up About Ex Austin Mahone.

Camila Cabello On Finding Her Voice

"Growing up, I was extremely shy. When I started at a new school, I didn't even know who to sit with at lunch. I was walking around the hallways, trying to act like I had somewhere to go. It felt like I was invisible. Singing has made me feel like I fit in. I'm so much more comfortable being myself now."

Ally Brooke On Speaking Up

"I used to be really scared to voice my opinion, whether it was with the other girls or just about an outfit I didn't like. I kept worrying what other people would think of me if they didn't agree. But I learned that I was just hurting myself. I live by the quote 'Speak even if your voice shakes.'"


Larry King With Ethan Hawke

Four-time Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke sits down with Larry on the Emmy nominated series Larry King Now for the first time in their careers to discuss his controversial new film, Good Kill, his Boyhood co-star Patricia Arquette and the highly anticipated remake he's starring in.

Responding to a compliment by his Boyhood co-star Patricia Arquette, and in an era where ‘selfies’ and what’s best for the individual seem to reign, Ethan Hawke simply yet beautifully explained why people are better off working as a “collective,” “That's my life's goal, is to you know, contribute and make substance of art, but do it as a collective, because that's how good things get done, as a collective… It has to do with, I think, a psychological stance of putting the whole ahead of the individual, and it’s something that has been taught to me, and something I most would like to pass on to my daughter and son.”

The actor opened up about his role in his new film Good Kill and playing a character who uses drones, "I find it interesting because I think part of the role of the artistic community is to tell these stories. That these stories are the only way that the public and your average citizen can have a vocabulary." The star then discussed with Larry the practicality and moral dilemma associated with American drone strikes. "When you don't have troops on the ground and you're not really gaining intelligence, and you're not really there, [...] you can't really win a war when you're not there." On drones helping getting the troops out of Afghanistan and their feasibility, Ethan admitted, "It works. It's pretty undeniable that it works… what usually ends war is body bags coming home or the costs getting too high, but with the drones, body bags don't come home, and the costs are relatively cheap.”

Prominent actor, writer and director Ethan Hawke responded to his Boyhood co-star’s much talked about Oscar speech calling for wage equality in Hollywood, "I have been making movies for thirty years, I've probably made over forty movies, and this year is the first time I've been directed by a woman. People think that gender equality has happened- and it's fascinating having three daughters, and seeing the world through their eyes, it really does turn you into a feminist.”

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Justin Bieber In Seventeen Magazine

Justin Bieber covers the June/July ’15 issue of Seventeen, on newsstands nationwide May 19. After months of misbehaving, the pop star tells Seventeen that he’s ready to get serious again – about his life, his music, and his relationships.

On his year of bad behavior:

“I was rebelling a little bit. I was getting cockier and cockier. I didn’t have people to check me. I looked back and I was disappointed in myself."

On making mistakes:

“You have to own up to the mistakes. You have to say, I’m sorry if I’ve let you down. I always want to be honest and let people know that those mistakes aren’t who I am. Who I am is someone who really cares about people.”

On relationships:

“I need healthy relationships with people I can feel safe with. People I can say whatever to, and I’m not going to be judged. In a girl, I want someone who’s confident in herself and honest. I have to find her very attractive and as someone I can see myself with for the rest of my life.”


Popular TV chef and author Sandra Lee has breast cancer, she revealed in a tearful interview that aired on "Good Morning America" today.

Lee, 48, told "GMA" co-anchor Robin Roberts, who is herself a breast cancer survivor, about the moment she got the news. She said she was doing a photo shoot for the Most Beautiful issue of People magazine on March 27.

"And I walked off the set, and 20 minutes later my doctor called and told me I had breast cancer," she said. "I didn't even cry, I was stunned … You know, and that's just how fast life turns. It turns on a dime."

The lifestyle guru is best known for her television shows -- including "Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee," multiple cookbooks and a magazine.

Lee, whose partner is New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo, said doctors caught the cancer early. She has had a lumpectomy and is gearing up for a second surgery.

Lee told Roberts about her treatment plan. The interview was recorded on Friday but aired on "GMA" today.

"When the lumpectomy was done, they did not have clean margins. And so I went back to my radiologist," who told her she would have daily radiation for six to eight weeks, she said.

They also told suggested that she have a mastectomy.


Rachel McAdams In Marie Claire

Rachel McAdams appears on the cover of Marie Claire’s June issue (on newsstands May 19). No more Ms. Nice Guy. As a rough-around-the-edges law enforcer in this month’s cult crime show True Detective, McAdams is like nothing we’ve seen before. Which is just the way she likes it. The cover and an inside photo can be downloaded here. Below are a few quotes from the interview.

Rachel McAdams Quotes

On her role in True Detective as Detective Ani Bezzerides: “I love the exploration of someone who has such a different background from you. That exploration runs to compassion, and to cracking yourself open and creating more understanding of how weird and amazing life is.”

On her character in True Detective: “I love that she’s not the girlfriend or the wife… She doesn’t really care what everyone thinks; she feels no responsibility for other people’s feelings. She’s not trying to be charming, which isn’t always the case with a leading lady. There’s [usually] sort of a responsibility to be a little bit likeable… Not that you want to be a horrendous character, just a little more human.”

On calling time-out after the Mean Girls-Notebook-Wedding Crashers trifecta: “I had to kind of reassess and go, What did I want this [success] to be, and how did I expect it to look?”

Monday, May 11, 2015


Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara covers the Summer ’15 issue of Cosmo for Latinas, on newsstands May 19. The Modern Family star, who headlines this weekend’s Hot Pursuit alongside Reese Witherspoon, opens up to the magazine about starting a family with fiancée Joe Manganiello, why she won’t have a maid of honor at her wedding, and how she feels about roles for Latina women in Hollywood.

On starting a family with fiancée Joe Manganiello:

“When you’re with somebody that hasn’t had kids, and you want to start a relationship, of course there’s always that question. And if it happens, it will be something that will make us very happy, but it’s not a priority in our lives.”

On why she won’t have a maid of honor at her wedding:

“In Latin America we don’t have bridesmaids, we only have flower girls.”

On what she’s most proud of in her life:

“My son [22-year-old, Manolo]. I think it’s so hard to raise kids nowadays and he has grown up to be so respectful and responsible.”

Friday, May 08, 2015



Yesterday on “Good Morning America,” Amy Robach sat down exclusively with actress Sofia Vergara to discuss the ongoing frozen embryo custody battle with her ex-fiancé Nick Loeb. This is the first – and according to the actress – hopefully the last time she will discuss the ordeal. Vergara also chatted about her new movie "Hot Pursuit."

Sofia Vergara on Embryo Battle, Starring in 'Hot Pursuit' With an Oscar Winner

To say Sofia Vergara is busier than ever could be an understatement.

The “Modern Family” star is headlining a movie – “Hot Pursuit” – with Reese Witherspoon, getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and planning a 2015 wedding to “Magic Mike” star Joe Manganiello.

Those personal and professional highs are why Vergara, 42, says she does not plan to give any attention to the legal battle her ex-fiance, Nick Loeb, has started over the couple’s frozen embryos.

“I really want to make this, like, the last time I talk about it because I don’t think it’s fair,” Vergara told ABC News’ Amy Robach in an interview that aired today on "Good Morning America."

“I’ve been working very hard for 20 years to get to this point where I am, enjoying my movie,” she said. “I promote all my movies, all my work, but I don’t like promoting my private life and I don’t understand why this person...I don’t want to allow this person to take more advantage of my career and try to promote himself and get press for this.”

Loeb, from whom Vergara split in 2014, penned an opinion piece last week in the New York Times to explain why he wants to “protect” the embryos he says the couple used in-vitro fertilization to create. Loeb is not alleging that Vergara is actively trying to destroy the embryos. He writes that it is his mission to preserve them at all costs.

Friday, May 01, 2015


Kim Kardashian

Los Angeles, California –  In an exclusive E! News interview airing TONIGHT at 7p and 11p ET/PT, co-host Catt Sadler talks to Kim Kardashian West about her marriage to rapper Kanye West and whether the first year has been as hard as people warned her it would be.

In tonight’s interview, Kim divulges what she learned about her husband over the past year that she didn’t know prior to tying the knot, but tells Catt why the couple’s past makes it hard to call themselves newlyweds. Kim also discloses the couple’s current anniversary plans – though she explains why she thinks there may be a last minute surprise in store for her – and discusses whether the couple plans to renew their vows.

Then, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians beauty gets candid about whether she is open to surrogacy following her public struggle to get pregnant with baby number two.

And finally, Kim reveals how Kanye feels about her new book, “Selfish,” and what edits were made to the final version based on his input.

Catch all of this and so much more when Kim Kardashian West’s exclusive interview airs on E! News TONIGHT at 7p and 11pm ET/PT.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015



Jean Shafiroff In Resident

While there are many who have a favorite charity, there are few who devote a significant portion of their lives to it and even fewer who are the motor behind raising attention and financing for a myriad of different causes. But whether one mentions the NY Women’s Foundation, the New York City Mission Society, the Southampton Hospital or the Southampton Animal Shelter, the one name that keeps popping up is that of Jean Shafiroff. A member of eight different charity boards, Shafiroff is more than a donor or even a philanthropist; she is a woman on a mission.

Jean Shafiroff Covergirl
With an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University and a BS in Physical Therapy from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, Jean – after a brief stint as a physical therapist at St. Luke’s Hospital in NYC – went on to work both in public finance and in private partnerships on Wall Street. From there Jean gradually embarked upon a journey of devoting herself to a battery of worthy philanthropic ventures. Starting with the Jewish Board of Family and Children Services, an organization she has now been involved with for over 20 years, and it’s clear that Shafiroff’s enthusiasm is contagious. At present the charity boasts a $180 million dollar annual budget and a total of 175 different programs. Jean, after successfully raising two daughters, increased her devotion to her philanthropic work by serving in the capacity of board member, chairwoman, honoree, underwriter and hostess of numerous charity events. Through her hard work and perseverance, she is personally responsible for raising millions of dollars, which has been used to help thousands of people in need.

Married to Martin Shafiroff, an investment advisor, Jean works in tandem with several city-based and Southampton nonprofit organizations. Besides the aforementioned charities, she is involved as a board member of the Couture Council, French Heritage Society, Lighthouse Guild Advisory Board and the Southampton Bath and Tennis Club’s Charitable Foundation. Jean is who she is because of her indefatigable need to help others. Beyond her laudable managerial skills, her compassion, generosity and contagious enthusiasm are most admirable. She is also humble and praises others rather than herself. Although the Resident Magazine interviewed Shafiroff a year ago - because of the vast amount of work she has done since - we decided to call on her again in order to let our readers know what she’s been up to since.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Lena Dunham

In the May issue of Seventeen, now on newsstands nationwide, Lena Dunham pens an essay explaining why she’s “on team weirdo for life,” and encouraging girls to follow their passions without losing their sense of style and individuality. Visit

“I was a bona fide weirdo in high school. My best friend was my dad. (Still is.) I wore my yellow rubber clogs every day. I was so obsessed with my pet rabbit that I fed her bananas from my mouth. I was into '80s pop; hip-hop was cool. I brought a bagel to the party, not beer. No one shoved me into a locker or anything, but they definitely made it clear that no one was crushing on me or even respecting me.

One sad day, I tried an experiment. I put on my most "normal" jeans (flares—it was the early 2000s; skinny jeans hadn't been invented yet!) and my mother's tank top (she's always been hipper than me) and straightened my hair. I applied eyeliner and even padded my bra. When I got to school, no one said much at first, but the girls were looking at me with surprise and maybe even jealousy. When I needed a pencil in math, a hot boy lent me one. ‘Wow,’ his friend whispered. ‘She actually looks regular.’

That snapped me out of it. Regular? Who wants to be regular, especially if it means taking an extra 15 minutes on your hair? Or pretending that you're not rereading Madame Bovary again or not crazy about your rabbit? If regular means pretending you don't have passions and style, count me out. It's not worth the pencil. At school the next day, the yellow clogs were firmly back on my feet.”

Wednesday, April 08, 2015



Story By: G. H. HARDING
Bruce Jenner

FREBERG PASSES --- Stan Freberg –whose idiosyncratic comic career in advertising garnered him worldwide acclaim, and whose satirical entertainments abounded on TV, radio and records—has died. He was 88.

Freberg died of natural causes at a Santa Monica hospital, with his son and daughter, Donavan and Donna, and wife Hunter at his side.

“He was and will always be my hero, and I will carry his brilliant legacy forward as best I am able,” his son wrote on Facebook.

The godfather of humorous and irreverent commercials, Freberg lampooned cultural institutions and described himself as a “guerilla satirist.” The New York Times dubbed him the “Che Guevara of advertising,” and, years later, “Weird Al” Yankovic called him a major influence on his career.

“Very sad to say that one of my absolute all-time heroes has just passed away,” Yankovic wrote on Twitter. “RIP Stan Freberg. A legend, an inspiration, and a friend.”

Freberg also was known for his musical parodies. “Wun’erful Wun’erful,” his 1957 spoof of “champagne music,” lampooned The Lawrence Welk Show.

Freberg also starred in a memorable 1966 TV episode of The Monkees on NBC, the third in Season One called "Monkees Vs. Machine” (directed by the series’ co-creator Bob Fafelson, in what was the first of only five episodes that he directed before helming the anarchic Monkees 1968 motion picture Head).

In the episode, Freberg played Daggart, a toy executive who wants to automate the old-fashioned company. His efforts were, in the end, thwarted by the Monkees. In fact, on the Rhino DVD audio commentary for this episode, Peter Tork recalls with amusement how Freberg’s repeated deadpan line “Don’t do that” became a bit of a catchphrase for Peter, Davy, Micky, and Mike back when they were working on the show.

“So sorry to hear of Stan’s passing,” Micky Dolenz said in a statement. “He had such an enormous influence on me and I was so honored to have worked with him and known him as a friend. He will be sorely missed.”

Both Dolenz and Yankovic appeared at a gala event for the comic last year called The Genius of Stan Freberg.

BRUCE JUICE --- Bruce Jenner appears ready to talk.

The celebrity will break his media silence to Diane Sawyer on ABC.

Bruce Jenner – The Interview will air as a two-hour special on Friday, April 24 as a special edition of ABC’s “20/20.”

ABC News did not release any information about the interview, other than to describe it as “far-ranging” and “exclusive.”

Jenner, who is widely assumed to be transitioning from a man to a woman, was also involved in a car accident this past February that resulted in the death of another driver.

Despite the relative media friendliness of the Kardashian empire, reports about Jenner’s situation have been largely based around unnamed sources and salacious rumors . . . with Jenner himself remaining oddly quiet on the subject.

He was reportedly cooperating with a reality series for the E! TV network that was said to be documenting his transition. After the car accident in February, however, filming on the TV show was swiftly suspended.

TMZ said: “We're told Jenner views the show as ‘a farewell to Bruce.’ He will ‘present himself’ as a woman publicly for the first time. But it's not about his look—it's about his mental state and his journey.

Our sources, however, say that Bruce does NOT reveal his new name, or dress like a woman, on camera. Nevertheless, we're told Bruce sees the interview as the most significant event associated with his imminent sex change—more significant than the surgical procedures that will get him there.

Is this the get of the year? I’d say so, without question, as everyone—men, women, and all in between—will surely be watching.

YES TOTO --- It has been rumored since late January, but it took until now to become official. Yes and Toto will be touring North America together this summer.

The tour opens on August 7 at Foxwood Casino in Mashantucket, CT and runs through September 12 in Coquitlam, British Columbia (Canada).

Overall, the two bands have 26 dates already planned.

Toto just released their new album, Toto XIV, which has returned them to the charts for the first time in twenty-seven years. The last studio album from Yes, meanwhile, was 2014's Heaven & Earth while they have also have two live albums coming soon—the 14-disc Progeny: Seven Shows from Seventy-Two due for release on May 19, and the CD/DVD combo set Like It Is arriving on July 7.

So far, this combination is shaping up as one of the premier concert events of the year, certainly matching last year’s Rod Stewart/Santana mash-up tour.

CLOSING NOTES --- Joni Mitchell spent the Easter weekend continuing to recover in a Los Angeles hospital after being found unconscious at her Bel Air home last week.

The latest update of the legendary singer songwriter’s condition is that “Joni remains under observation in the hospital and is resting comfortably. Her progress is encouraging as she continues to improve each day.”

The 71-year old singer is still frail, but her illness has not been disclosed. In December, she told Billboard, “I can't sing any more – don't miss it. I can't play any more – don't miss it. I've got all these instruments laying around, and hopefully one day I’ll pick them up.”

Great Ringo Starr interview last Sunday on Q104.3's Ken Dashow broadcast. Dashow asked him some great questions, and several that haven't been before. Certainly, the one where Starr responded that Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein asked Starr (whose real name, of course, is Richard Starkey) to join The Beatles on the same day when he delivered the request on behalf of “the boys.” In the recent Rolling Stone interview, Sir Paul McCartney recalled that he and fellow Beatles John Lennon and George Harrison didn’t really feel like they were a “group” until that first gig with Ringo bashing the drums rock-steady behind them at the Cavern Club in February 1962. Ringo wouldn’t officially join The Beatles until nearly six months later in August 1962—which means that Ringo was still the beloved beat maker for Liverpool’s equally popular group Rory Storm & The Hurricanes.

That backstory, of course, explains why Ringo’s new album Postcards from Paradise starts off with the track "Rory and the Hurricanes." We would love to hear the rest of the album, but so far our requests for a press copy have gone unanswered. Thankfully, our friend Anthony Pomes (who is a member of one of New York’s top Beatles tribute bands, Mostly Moptop) has told us that the eponymous named track “Postcards from Paradise” is a major highlight of the record. “Co-written with the great Todd Rungren,” shares Pomes, “this song references at least twenty Beatles songs throughout the song’s lyrics. Ringo has created a ‘lyric mash-up,’ if you will . . . and his drumming on the album is just as tight and solid and strong as ever. Kudos, Ringo!” On evidence of these observations, Ringo has certainly earned his forthcoming induction to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Of course, The Monkees still haven’t been inducted. But we’ll leave that for another day . . .

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Kiernan Shipka

Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka is featured in “Style Files” in Marie Claire’s April issue (on newsstands now). Sally Draper is known for her eye rolls. But the actress playing her on Mad Men’s final run? She’s known for her effortlessly cool-girl style.

Kiernan Shipka Quotes

On her last day on set: “It was very bittersweet — a really good time, but very sad. Lots of tears.”

On when Kiernan met Sally: “Sally is very strong and independent. Very perceptive, too. I don’t think she’d want to be friends with me, but I’d love to be friends with her!”

On fan mail: “A lot of fans will address me as Sally — which I take as a compliment. Like, ‘Oh, I hate your dad! Your mom’s the worst! I want to give you a hug.'”

On daily style: “Fun and simple. Right now, I’m wearing overalls, a white shirt, a gray cardigan, and some sneakers.”

On her favorite designer: “I really, really love Miu Miu. It’s so fun and youthful.”

On what’s next: “I don’t know what my sweet 16 holds, but my quarter birthday is coming up! So that’s what I’m thinking about.”

Monday, March 23, 2015


Larry King With Ryan Phillippe

“Secrets & Lies” star Ryan Phillippe sat down with Larry King on the Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now” to discuss his ABC crime drama, the state of his relationship with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon and the rumors surrounding a "MacGruber" sequel.

"MacGruber" star Ryan Phillippe told Larry King that Will Forte is working on the script for a sequel to their 2010 comedy that has developed a cult following, “That’s what we’re talking about. Will Forte and Jorma Taccone, who directed it, are working on the script now, and it’s become a real cult classic that movie. There are drinking games associated with "MacGruber." Every comedian that I know loves it and they want to be in the sequel.”

Actor Ryan Phillippe admitted that the season finale of his ABC crime drama will leave viewers “devastated." He shared with Larry, "But what’s interesting about this too is that other shows you’re like, ‘Where’s this going? How long am I going to be strung along?' This is concise. When you start watching, you’re going to know [other suspects] within a matter of two months."

Lastly, Phillippe opened up to Larry King about his Hollywood 'bad boy' reputation, "I’m a pretty regular dude. I’ve been with my girlfriend for four years and she’s a civil rights lawyer so we have a lot of common interests. I’m also a pretty dedicated dad and have multiple companies, so there’s not a lot of time for me to be a Hollywood 'bad boy.'"

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Photo Courtesy Of: Larry King