Jordin Sparks

Are they or aren't they dating?!

That's the question fans have been asking ever since Jordin Sparks began posting a number of snapshots with HBK Gang rapper Sage the Gemini whose real name is Dominic Wynn Woods.

While the twosome has remained mum on their relationship status, a source has revealed that they are indeed a happy couple.

"Sage the Gemini and Jordin have been hanging out for months now and it has been a fun, flirty friendship in the beginning but in the past recent months, the romance has kicked in," the insider shared with E! News exclusively. "They are a couple this is for sure and this is not a rebound for her at all."

Our source added, "She learned a lot from her past relationship and really has grown as a person."

Sparks' most recent romance was with singer Jason Derulo. The twosome spent more than two years together before parting ways in September 2014.

Since the surprise breakup, the American Idol winner has stayed focused on making new music. But while finishing up her forthcoming album Right Here, Right Now, the singer has developed a "true connection" to Sage the Gemini.

"She trusts him as a friend so it's really easy to talk and open up about life," our source shared. "They love hanging out, working out, sharing ideas about work and just relaxing with each other. They are taking things slow and not in any rush."

For further proof, just look at the duo's respective Instagrams that feature plenty of sweet posts and hangouts together. In fact, Sage the Gemini called Sparks his #WCE (Woman Crush Everyday).

"He makes her smile and feel beautiful," our source added. "She is excited for what's in store."