Photos By: James Edstrom

Jean Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff With Victor De Souza

Michelle Javian With Dawne Marie Grannum And Sophia Bishop

Ed Callaghan And John Wegorzewski

Ann Rapp

Jean And Martin Shafiroff

Flo Anthony With Claude Stanton

Jean Shafiroff And Charles-Édouard Catherine

Cassandra Seidenfeld

New York philanthropists and benefactors Martin and Jean Shafiroff hosted a gala cocktail event in their Park Avenue apartment, benefiting Surgeons of Hope Foundation over the weekend.

Serving as a “kick-off” event for the upcoming Surgeons of Hope Gala Dinner and Auction, which will be held on Friday, May 1, 2015, the major annual fundraiser for New York-based Surgeons of Hope Foundation, the Shafiroff event recognized the work of SOH. Established in 2002 in New York, SOH is committed to bringing open-heart surgery to the poorest children in the poorest countries in Latin America.

Martin Shafiroff With Bella & Daisy Shafiroff

Lucia Hwong Gordon With Geoffrey Bradfield And Jean Shafiroff

Author Rose Hartman

Representing Surgeons of Hope in remarks at the Shafiroff event were Charles-Edouard Catherine, SOH Executive Director; and Michel Longchampt, Vice President and Treasurer. Also speaking was Jean Shafiroff, event host. Also in attendance were SOH board members Michel Berty, Arnaud de Vienne, Douglas Grandgeorge, Nathalie LeBos, Judith O’Neill, Esq., Robert Pine; and Marc Sage, Esq. Joining many notables from the contemporary press were others who are prominent in the New York social scene, including media celebrity Flo Anthony, Geoffrey Bradfield, Ann Rapp, Marie-Monique Steckel, Odile de Schietere-Longchampt, Kevin Hughes, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Victor de Souza, Nicole Noonan, and Randi Schatz.

About Surgeons of Hope

Beginning in 2002 under Alain Deloche’s leadership, Surgeons of Hope strives to provide every infant and child with a damaged heart with an equal opportunity to receive life-saving surgery. In order to immediately help children with heart defects, Surgeons of Hope organizes and deploys medical teams with volunteers from a number of international and national academic hospitals. Each medical mission is designed to meet the goals and needs of partner communities. For more information visit