Story By: Norah Bradford

Hotel Vernet Paris

Restaurant "V"
Vernet was a painter who specialized in producing paintings of the sea. He brought them back to Paris from Rome, where he was an integral piece of the social fabric and well known to the circle of aristocrats in the Grand Tour of the 18th Century; an older version of what today we would refer to as “the Jet-Set.” Hotel Vernet, a luxury boutique property located on a secluded street just off the Champs-Elysees, and a three minute walk from the venerable Four Seasons Hotel George V, draws on the spirit of Vernet. With its stunning décor, Hotel Vernet is an aesthetically pleasing place to stay and socialize when visiting Paris. Thoroughly renovated to celebrate the building’s 100th anniversary, the Vernet is very 21st Century inside, though it still retains some of its distinguishing architectural features which make it oh-so-Parisian. Interior designer François Champsaur pays tribute to Parisian elegance and French craftsmanship with the hotel’s décor; the stand out example of this is the stained glass dome of the restaurant designed by Gustav Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame.

The rooms and suites have been cleverly designed with an aesthetic that is truly unique. Modern touches in the form of appliances, amenities and free wireless internet access all help make the guest feel welcome in a modern space that is their home-away-from-home whilst visiting Paris.

The bar at the Hotel Vernet is a centerpiece of the social life of the hotel. It has a fabulous ceiling fresco, painted by internationally celebrated Jean-Michel Aberola, which contrasts against the dynamic carpet design created by the same artist. The bar serves classic cocktails with creative and modern execution. Try the Martini Royale Bianco or the non-alcoholic Fruits de Vernet.

Dining at the hotel’s restaurant, ‘V’, by Executive Chef Richard Robe, offers a sense of theater as its large glass window enables diners to see the kitchen in action. The menu is designed like a travel diary with the aim of creating a gastronomic journey for every visitor.

Hotel Vernet

25 rue Vernet

75008 Paris, France

+33 (0)1-44-31-98-00