Farrah Abraham

A must read Love Through LimeLight -- the new novel from MTV Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, which marks the third and final installment in her Celebrity Sex Tape series with top erotic romance publisher Ellora's Cave

Whatever your feelings about Farrah Abraham might be, it's hard to argue that she’s a force to be reckoned with. From the moment she burst onto the scene in 2009 as a star of MTV’s hit show 16 & Pregnant, Farrah has proven herself to be one of reality TV’s most popular stars, a savvy entrepreneur, and a controversial figure who is equal parts frank and mysterious – leaving many pop culture aficionados to wonder who, in fact, Farrah Abraham really is.

In her Celebrity Sex Tape trilogy, Farrah confronts the realities of her experiences with stardom, sex, and love in the limelight.... and leaves readers wondering where protagonist Fallon Opal ends and Farrah Abraham begins.

“Writing this series was in many ways like therapy for me,” Farrah explains. “Fallon’s story reflects some of what I’ve gone through in recent years, much of it misunderstood by the public. Love Through LimeLight is an entertaining, sexually charged, and surprising conclusion to a fun and sexy erotic fiction series. Yet it’s really about happy endings, and whether or not women in this day and age can actually have it all.”

In Love Through LimeLight, readers follow Celebrity Sex Tape’s leading lady Fallon Opal as she deals with betrayal, stigma, and bad press, and makes peace with the empowered, successful woman she has become. Fans and foes alike will be shocked by Fallon’s ultimate transformation, with Love Through LimeLight’s conclusion sure to set tongues wagging and yet more rumors flying.

Celebrity Sex Tape vs. Fifty Shades: her verdict on E.L. James’ blockbuster trilogy versus her sexy series.

Her return to Teen Mom: how she feels about stepping back into the MTV spotlight.

The ‘haters’ and the irony of ‘feminists’ knocking down a woman who is sexually fulfilled, financially independent, and a caring, loving, hands-on mom.

Her wins, losses, and new lease on life: how her experiences over the past several years have changed her forever (and for the better).

What she hopes readers take away from the shocking ending of Love Through LimeLight and the Celebrity Sex Tape trilogy.


Farrah Abraham is a reality TV star, author, and entrepreneur, who became an international celebrity after appearing on MTV’s popular 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom series. She is the bestselling author of My Teenage Dream Ended and mother to daughter Sophia.

Celebrity Sex Tape is Abraham’s first foray into fiction. Book One, In The Making, was released in July 2014, Book Two, The Secret’s Out, was released in October 2014, and the third and final book, Love Through LimeLight, was released in February 2015. The series follows Fallon Opal, a Hollywood starlet who is thrust into the spotlight when a sex tape is leaked to the press, and her search for independence, acceptance, and love through it all.


Ellora’s Cave is the world’s first and foremost publisher of erotic romance, which combines conventions of traditional romance (i.e. a love story with a happily ever after ending) with frequent sex scenes using slang terms in place of purple prose. Launched in 2001, Ellora’s Cave has quickly become a leader in the romance and e-book industries, selling nearly 200,000 books per month.