Kim Cattrall

On the surface, "Sex and the City" and "Girls" might seem like they're cut from the same cloth; both of the HBO shows feature four women in New York City navigating careers and relationships. But the similarities really end there, as Kim Cattrall reminded us in a HuffPost Live interview today.

Cattrall: "['Girls'] is a different story than 'Sex and the City.' It's not as fantastical. But we live in different times. [The recession of] 2008 was a real big game-changer for everybody, and I look at that show, and it represents what young women today are dealing with... I think ['Girls'] is a fantastic show. I really, really enjoy it. I think it's beautifully acted and realized and written."

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Cattrall also got to relive an appearance on "The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers" which took place during her "Mannequin" press tour.

"You don't use birth control?" Rivers asked a young Cattrall, before making the actress promise that she would use condoms.

Cattrall: "That was one of my first television experiences. She was so sweet to me." 

The "Sex and the City" star then revealed that Rivers sent her an apology note and commended her for being such a good sport that night.