Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson is proud to announce The 5th Annual Michael Jackson “King of Pop” Tribute Festival of the Arts. This celebration will take place in Gary, Indiana on August 28th, 29th and 30th 2014 at 2300 Jackson St; the birth home of Michael Jackson, the festival village will encompass the entire Roosevelt high school campus.

This year’s tribute festival is different from previous years. The theme is “Art for Life” and we will be showcasing undiscovered talent; in a celebration of the Jackson 5 breakout success from their humble beginnings in Gary.

The outdoor tribute festival is free to the public and will begin with the opening ceremony conducted by Gary, Indiana City officials and a tribute to Michael Jackson by the Roosevelt High School marching band. The 3 day fun filled weekend will include a kids pavilion, food and beverage vendors, arts and craft vendors, a classic antique car show, dance competition, exhibitions, live performances by local and national artists and much more. On Saturday, August 30th, the final day of the tribute; there will be an award ceremony, and a national recording group will perform a tribute to the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. The tribute will end with a spectacular fireworks show. Famous musicians, celebrities and guest speakers are invited to attend, so you might just meet your favorite star in Gary, Indiana.



Anonymous said…
i think its great to pay tribute to Michael...............i am a huge fan of michaels