Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted yesterday browsing the racks for the perfect Coachella outfits at Planet Blue in Beverly Hills. The actress was wearing a short, white daisy-printed summer dress and chunky tan peep toe heels while shopping at the store with a girlfriend. She was at the store for about three hours playfully balancing clothing hangers on her head and swinging dresses around as she held them up to herself in the mirrors.

She pulled looks to try from Planet Blue's exclusive brand Blue Life along with almost one of everything else in the store. "I just want it all!" Hudgens said.

She was very friendly to the staff and even had the associate give their opinion on some of the outfits she tried on. She tried on very flowy pieces, but mentioned some great advice on what to wear for the festival. "It is so hard to wear long dresses at Coachella because you can trip over yourself. Not cute"

While Hudgens was in the dressing room, she and her friend were obsessing over Skrillex's new album and blasted it while trying on clothes.

Items that were included in the "yes" pile included a variety of pieces from Planet Blue's Blue Life, and a pieces ranging from gold metallic pants to florals, lace tops and tribal print.

Photo Courtesy Of: Giles Harrison/Domain MSA