Sophie Simmons

Singer/songwriter/actress/reality star Sophie Tweed-Simmons stopped by the office to recreate the opening credits to Sex and the City. While she was here, she sat down for a revealing chat about life in the spotlight and the unfortunate pressures that can bring. Check out her video interview with the mag HERE

On her love of Sex and the City:

“I’ve wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw since the show started. I wanted to write for an epic magazine and I wanted to wear shoes that were insanely inappropriate for the weather.”

On maintaining a healthy body image:

“I’m not gonna sugar coat this at all – I’m not a size 2. I’m an 8, sometimes a 10 after the holidays! And I’m ok with it. I think a lot of that came from my family emphasizing that you buy clothes to fit you, you don’t try to fit clothing. I think it’s sad that a lot of girls feel the need to change themselves for some sort of idea of the perfect woman.”

On dealing with the haters:

“Yes people write nasty things about me – you can’t pay attention to that. Why does someone writing from their living room across the country affect how you feel about yourself, without ever actually meeting you or knowing anything about you?”