Meat Loaf On Wendy Williams

To kick off Big Game Week on "The Wendy Williams Show", rock legend Meat Loaf joined Wendy on her couch today to remind musicians who they work for, reveal he didn't know most of the celebrities attending the Grammy's and explain the origins of his unusual stage name.

Set to take up a residency in Vegas, Meat had some sound advice for musicians whose offstage antics may overshadow their performances. "You have to be so disciplined. You gotta know who you're working for. You're working for the people who spent their hard earned money buying a ticket. And that's the most important thing. You don't show up late. You don't go out drinking the night before and get drunk."

Meat revealed he didn't recognize the vast majority of the celebrities at the Grammy Awards. "I went on USA Today online, about 45 minutes before the event started. They were showing pictures of people walking the red carpet. They had about 60. I knew one person."

Explaining the origin of his unusual name, he said, "Yes, you call me Meat. I have been called Meat before I was a year old. But you just gotta think of me in the Stew, Chuck and Frank family... Stew is something you eat, chuck is a cut of meat and a frank is a hot dog." He went on to explain, "I grew up in Dallas. I grew up in Texas. Cause in Texas, everybody's got a funny name." He later added, "I have two daughters. I have a daughter named Pearl. And she's named after Janis [Joplin]... cause Janis' nickname is Pearl. Cause Janis is from Texas. And my youngest daughter, Amanda, is named after the pitcher in the movie, "The Bad News Bears," with Walter Matthau."

Wendy and Meat then combined forces in a football throwing challenge to celebrate the launch of the show's Big Game Week.