Alexandria Hilfiger

No Competition: Mr. Brainwash Takes Over the ‘Hood and Creates a Collaboration Between Hotel Groups on Miami’s South Beach for ’13 Basel pop-art collection debut.

South Florida’s largest independent and privately owned hospitality company, South Beach Group, will celebrate this year’s Art Basel by getting in on the action of Mr. Brainwash’s (AKA Thierry Guetta) pop-art takeover of Collins Avenue.

The collaborative installation will see normally competing hotel groups come together to unite in housing the largest installation at this year’s Art Basel.

“We are excited to affiliate with both our city’s celebrated hotels, and one of our country’s most prolific artists,” said South Beach Group’s owner, Alan Lieberman. “It’s wonderful to see the city come together and embrace the celebratory feeling that Art Basel creates in such a dynamic way.”

“Life is beautiful,” Guetta sums up simply. And indeed it is. Mr. Brainwash is just one of the artists South Beach Group is supporting at this year’s Art Basel.

Beginning Thursday, December 5th—South Beach Group is hosting, toasting and presenting a number of new and established artistic talents. So, whilst Brainwash and his crew giddy up to take over Collins, their installations will be in the company of other street- and pop-artists. Mike Greg has joined forces with Select Art Fair at The Catalina Hotel, where he is putting his trademark stamp on the hotel’s exterior. Meanwhile, Miami-native, Skott Marsi, premiers his first solo exhibit— “Love is Not a Label” —at Maxine’s Bistro & Bar.

Meanwhile, a few blocks up and over, at the Riviera Hotel (2000 Liberty Avenue), contemporary Hollywood photographer, Robert Zuckerman—known for his incredible images from today’s top films and television series—is presenting his exhibit, PORTRAITS in the hotel’s central lobby.

In addition, Alexandria Hilfiger, AS IF magazine’s “artist to watch” at this year’s Art Basel, will present her newest collection, “MELTING WATER.” For just two days, the exhibit will reside organically in the Moreno’s courtyard at the Riviera Hotel during Art Basel 2013. Pieces are available for purchase, with a portion of the sale proceeds going to the Lyme Research Alliance—a non-profit organization to raise the awareness of lyme disease (which Hilfiger herself contracted 21 years ago).

855 Collins Avenue, Miami, FL 33139

South Beach Group was founded by real estate developer and hotelier, Alan Lieberman, in 1998, and is the largest independent and privately owned hotel organization in South Florida, owning and operating more than 12 boutique hotels in the region. South Beach Group is known for trendy hotels at affordable prices, with options ranging from a simplistic economy-style room, to a fully-fledged luxury suite. South Beach Group caters to the preferences of any given traveller and all South Beach Group hotels provide a complimentary shuttle service to and from Miami International Airport, a nightly complimentary cocktail hour, free Wi-Fi and VIP club passes to the hottest nightclubs in South Beach.


MR. BRAINWASH IS THE MONIKER OF LOS ANGELES-BASED FILMMAKER AND POP ARTISTS, THIERRY GUETTA. HE HAS SPENT MORE THAN A DECADE FOLLOWING AND FILMING the most renowned artists of the century. Inspired by his subjects, he started hitting the streets, from Los Angeles to different parts of the world, with spray painted stencils and posters of his pop art-inspired images. Following his mottos “Life is Beautiful” and “Never, Never Give Up,” Mr. Brainwash is involved in helping over 30 different associations like Keep a Child Alive, Toys for Tots, the Red Cross, among others, to raise money for worldwide causes.

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Born in New York City, and Miami-based, Skott Marsi is the unidentified street artist communicating through the iconic character “Gumby.” He has become one of the most prolific and exciting forces in the Miami street-art scene with his work often created under the realities of surveillance and secrecy. Skott’s work connects the medium with the message via billboards, walls, lampposts and galleries throughout the world. Creating images that blend pop art, abstract expressionism and street art, his work is both dynamic and notable. 

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As a photographer in the motion picture industry, Robert Zuckerman’s images have become the advertising and publicity campaigns for such films as “The Crow,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “The Pursuit of Happyness,” and “The Great Debaters” (among others), as well as television series including “The Shield,” “Rescue Me” and “Nip/Tuck.” Zuckerman has created recent album cover and movie poster photography for Will Smith and was invited to be the personal photographer for the family.

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Painted in: NYC, Berlin, currently LA

“I work very intuitively and spontaneously. Painting is a form of meditation and a healing process for me,” says Hilfiger. “Each piece is like a journal entry of my subconscious and emotions. Anything that I paint greatly reflects what I am lacking or what I need in the present moment.”

Hilfiger has participated in several group shows in New York City, including the Chelsea Art Museum and a solo exhibition at New York’s Soho House where she was featured as their artist of the month.