By: G.H. Harding

Jimmy Fallon

SNL COMES ALIVE --- This weekend’s Saturday Night Live, was hosted by the formidable Jimmy Fallon (soon to inherit NBC's The Tonight Show come February) and the musical guest was Justin Timberlake. Fallon opened the show with a monologue about him singing with David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney … only, they couldn't make it, so the plan was to have him perform as each star. He did a pretty good Bowie, Dylan and then when he stepped into the McCartney slot, Macca himself walked on to thunderous applause to perform “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," with Jimmy; and, it was pretty good.

Also hilarious was the Barry Gibb Talk Show, with both Fallon and Timberlake and a surprise appearance by Gibb himself at the end. This was the first time the sketch was performed after the passing of Robin Gibb in 2012. Funny bit for sure, but memories of Robin and, for that matter, Maurice, still linger.

Interestingly enough, Madonna -in person- was one of the guests on the show and looked as if she couldn't have cared less about being there. At one point she reached in her pocked for her grill and put it in her mouth, much to the surprise of Jimmy and Justin. Shame on her!

Timberlake two’s songs were great. He had the biggest selling album of 2013 and seems to excel in every medium. On theWeekend Update segment, Fallon officially passed the torch to Seth Meyers who will replace him on his late night show and a cameo from Mayor Michael Bloomberg was great. Say what you will about Bloomberg, but he did NYC well and he was spot-on funny here.

I think my favorite sketch was “Baby It’s Cold Outside” performed by Fallon and Cecily Strong-who is quickly becoming my new favorite on the show. The take on this one, was what happens after the two get busy. Sure, the result is full of rom-com clich├ęs (men are only interested in sex! women are needy!), but it’s also charmingly done — and a happy ending for both (he was just afraid of commitment!) makes up for any eye roll-inducing lines. The way they looked at each other after the sketch spoke volume’s - charming for sure.

Not as stellar as Fallon’s last appearance on SNL, but, the show drew its biggest ratings in two years. Some critics have already posited that they should host the Oscar’s … great idea!

Interesting side bar: Jay Leno has been having unofficial talks with CNN about bringing his talk show to the cable station; and, in essence taking away some much needed hype for NBC about the Fallon-change. Deadline Hollywood termed it NBC’s Jay Leno problem!

CLOSING NOTES --- Just saw Ryan O’ Neal and pit-bull attorney Marty Singer on The Today Show talking about O’ Neal’s victory over one of the two Warhol-painted portraits of Farrah Fawcett. Singer didn't say one word, but, sitting there he looked like … well, a pit-bull. The University of Austin, her alma mater, claimed they owned it; and, were fed information from Fawcett's college boyfriend, a reality show producer and, her fired personal assistant. The trial lasted far longer than anyone thought and cost O'Neal a cool million.

O'Neal’s a complex personality; loved by many but derided as well. Loaded from well-placed real estate deals in L. A., he endures as the true survivor from his and Fawcett’s tumultuous relationship.Watching this interview earlier was like a O'Neal screen test … the kid’s still got it.

Record producer David Richards, who helmed a number of albums for Queen and David Bowie, died Friday morning in England after a long illness. David was the son of Bobby Richards who was an arranger for a number of artists including John Barry (who composed the music for many James Bond movies).

While working at Mountain Studios, Richards made hundreds of connections with artists and management and gained a lifetime of experience behind the board. He soon became an in-demand producer, helming such albums as A Kind of Magic, The Miracle, Innuendo and Made in Heaven for Queen, Never Let Me Down, The Buddah of Suburbia and Outside for David Bowie and Blah Blah Blah for Iggy Pop.