Jen Groover

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Show your support for breast cancer awareness in style with the inspiring “Opportunity” Rose Quartz bracelet from the Empowered by Jen Groover Jewelry Collection.

For each “Opportunity” Rose Quartz bracelet sold, 15% of the purchase price is donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.

Designed by empowerment expert, motivational speaker, author and Butler Bag creator Jen Groover, each bracelet is made with rose quartz and crystals, and bears a medallion inscribed with Jen Groover’s mantra, “Opportunity Lies Within Every Obstacle,” reminding breast cancer survivors and their loved ones to stay strong through difficult times and empowering them to find the positive in every circumstance.

The “Opportunity” Rose Quartz bracelet retails for $35.00 and is available online at

ABOUT AVON BREAST CANCER CRUSADE: Since 1992, the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade has been working tirelessly to help prevent, treat, and ultimately eradicate this disease. With more than $780 million raised and donated to breast cancer programs around the world through 2012, Avon is the leading corporate supporter of the cause globally. The Crusade's life-saving work supports awareness and education, screening and diagnosis, access to care, support services, and scientific research. Beneficiaries range from leading cancer research centers to local, nonprofit breast health programs, creating a powerful international network of research, medical, social service, and community-based breast cancer organizations. In addition, the Crusade has been instrumental in bringing together leaders, through programs such as the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Forum and the Collaborative Summit on Breast Cancer Research.

For more information on the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, please visit

ABOUT JEN GROOVER: Jen Groover is a highly sought after speaker, author, designer, television show host and media contributor, spokeswoman, inventor and advocate. Tagged by SUCCESS magazine as a “One-Woman Brand” and a “Creativity and Innovation Guru,” as well a leading “Serial Entrepreneur” by Entrepreneur magazine, Jen Groover’s success skyrocketed with the creation of the Butler Bag, the world’s first compartmentalized handbag, and has not stopped since. Jen spring-boarded the Butler Bag’s success into an entire lifestyle brand, which led her to create subsequent lifestyle brands, including the recently launched “Empowered by Jen Groover” brand.

Based on Jen’s diverse experiences and her passion for inspiring others to realize their greatest potential, “Empowered by Jen Groover” comprises Jen’s 90 minute PBS special, “Empowered: Keys to Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential,” and forthcoming book, “Empowered: 30 Days to a More Empowered Life,” as well as a variety of consumer products that encompass her quotes and inspire people to live life with passion and purpose. The success and momentum of Jen Groover’s empowerment movement has led to the development of Jen’s upcoming, highly integrated tech platform, “Empowered for Purpose,” which will serve as a foundation for further expansion of the “Empowered by Jen Groover” movement and brand.

Jen is more than a more than a multifaceted, multitalented individual – she is, undoubtedly, a force to be reckoned with. Jen believes in active participation and lives by the belief that “if you are going to complain about something you better be willing to do something to inspire change”.