Jean Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff With Carolina Herrera

Debra Halpert And Rebecca Woodland

Melissa Lee

Grainne McNamara With Diana L Taylor And Carmel Owen

Flo Anthony And Lisa Arcella

Ana Oliveira With Anne E Delaney, Diana L. Taylor And Yvonne Moore

Katlean de Monchy

Chele Chiavacci With Jean Shafiroff And Debra Halpert

Ann Rapp

Jen Groover

The New York Women’s Foundation (“NYWF”) held a luncheon hosted by Board Member Jean Shafiroff, at Le Cirque Restaurant,, in support of the 26th Annual New York’s Women Foundation Celebration to be held on November 14th, 2013 at the Starlight Roof at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Special guests Anne E. Delaney, Board Chair, and Diana L. Taylor, Board Member of The NYWF were featured speakers as well as Ana Oliveira, President & CEO of The New York Women’s Foundation. Guests in attendance included Co-Chair Grainne McNamara (The New York Women’s Foundation 26th Anniversary Celebration), Carolina Herrera (fashion designer), and Valerie Steele (Director and Chief Curator of The Museum at FIT); The New York Women’s Foundation 27th Celebrating Women Breakfast (2014) Co-Chairs Jennifer Giacobbe, Kwanza Butler, Taina Bien-Aime, and Karen Reynolds Sharkey; proud supporter of The NYWF Joyce Cowin; Jen Groover (empowerment expert & author), Rebecca Woodland (defense attorney and FOX News contributor), Debra Halpert (Publisher, Hamptons Magazine); Chele Chiavacci (Managing Director, Mistral Capital International) and Bonnie Comley (Vice President, Stellar Productions International); socialites Ann Rapp and Lucia Hwong Gordon.

MC & Moderator Melissa Lee, CNBC Host of “Fast Money” & “Options Action,” introduced Ana Oliveira on stage to welcome guests and honor this special event. Ms. Oliveira said, “Since its start 26 years ago, the New York Women’s Foundation has brought groups of women and leaders together, creating cross-cultural alliances that are dedicated to creating opportunities, building stability and providing security to take care of women and children.” Ms. Oliveira thanked the board members for their dedication and relentless efforts. She continued, “We stand on the shoulders of those incredible women and leaders,” Ms. Oliveira said, “together we combine ideas, funds and resources to find solutions and change lives in New York City.”

Ms. Lee then begun the conversation with featured guests, Anne E. Delaney, Board Chair and Diana L. Taylor, Board Member of NYWF, who shared their experience working for the Foundation and offered invaluable advice. “It is very important to find your passion.” said Ms. Taylor. “I found mine within NYWF, the idea of women helping women and improving lives of women and children.” Ms. Taylor spoke of her experience working for for-profit and non-profit organizations. She also spoke of the Foundation’s various initiatives and its work with organizations that have similar goals to create alliances across diverse groups. Ms. Delaney, who has experience serving as a board member for many organizations, found a compelling sense of mission serving the Foundation. Ms. Delaney spoke about how being the board chair gives her a better understanding of the resources and capacity of the Foundation. She addressed the importance of communities stepping up at crucial moments when people are the most in need of support and leadership. For instance, NYWF launched RISE-NYC! Initiative in response to the economic recession, and the 2012 Hurricane Sandy Response and Recovery Fund Initiative.

Following the conversation, Ms. Lee introduced Jean Shafiroff, board member and host of the luncheon. Ms. Shafiroff thanked all attendees for taking the time to join her and the NYWF at the luncheon. “The greatest gift is to be able to give,” said Ms. Shafiroff, who officially joined the board a year ago and has dedicated substantial time and efforts to support the Foundation and its mission of helping women and children. Ms. Shafiroff also expressed thanks to special guest Carolina Herrera, who will be honored at The New York Women’s Foundation 26th Anniversary Celebration this November, for joining the luncheon and supporting the NYWF. Ms. Herrera’s fellow honorees this year are Morgan Stanley, with the award being accepted by Ruth Porat, Morgan Stanley’s Chief Financial Officer, and the Ford Foundation, with the award being accepted by Darren Walker, the Ford Foundation’s President.

ABOUT NYWF: The New York Women’s Foundation® is a cross-cultural alliance of women, serving as a voice for women and a force for change. The Foundation identifies innovative organizations that are effecting change in the communities they serve for women. NYWF strategically funds organizations and programs that move women, girls and families toward long-term economic security through individual transformation and systemic change, mobilizing leaders and community partners as philanthropists and change agents. NYWF funds programs that promote economic security and justice, anti-violence and safety; and health, sexual rights and reproductive justice for women and girls in New York City.

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