Replace Time Warner Cable With NETFLIX

I have been meaning to write this for a long time. I have never seen a company that has no customer service and really nails the customer when they complain and cancel their account.I am talking about Time Warner Cable.

I am not going to get into a big story here, I am on vacation at Dune Point Fire Island working on the first chapters of my new Alec Baldwin book, that hopefully will be ready for everyone to read sometime next year. But when I was on vacation last May, I left New York City forgetting to mail a check, and I can not believe the harassing phone calls from Time Warner,  for a bill around a hundred bucks. 

The calls came non-stop and they were automated calls. When I pressed a button to speak to someone, I was on hold for a hour and I finally hung up. Then when this automated system called me again, I pressed the leave a message button and left a message to disconnect me, I am tired of these harassing phone calls while I was on vacation. I left my phone number for a live person to call me back, and no one did. So the automated calls continued for my whole trip, even at night when I was having dinner.

When I finally got back, I called Time Warner Cable and told them to disconnect me. I asked them where do I return the cable boxes and they told me 23rd street. I went over and gave them the boxes and asked to pay the final bill. They said they would send one to me.

A few weeks later I got one, it was for around 160 bucks, I have no idea what those charges were for, but I wanted to get rid of them, so I was going to send out a check that week. But it was not to be. Two days later, I received a letter from a collection agency. Can you believe this? They send out a final bill and two days later they send you a letter from a collection agency. These mothers. Not only does their cable system suck, they have no idea on what customer care is. The only show I enjoyed on their systems anyway, was NY1 News. 

So I start getting these harassing phone calls from a collection agency. They were nasty. I told them I was going to send a check to Time Warner Cable, they told me I was not allowed. I told them if I send a check to them, watch them cash it. I did and they cashed it. In this day and age, you do not need these companies that have no idea of customer service.  

Never-ever will I use Time Warner again. This company is another example of corporations gone wild. And you also have to remember that they bill you a month in advance for service, so what the hell is with these harassing calls?

I got ROKU which is great. I have my Netflix account, My Hulu and Amazon Prime. I have more than Time Warner ever gave me at very little cost. We do not need cable anymore. Tell these companies they give us no customer service and tell them goodbye!