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Saturday, August 31, 2013



Replace Time Warner Cable With NETFLIX

I have been meaning to write this for a long time. I have never seen a company that has no customer service and really nails the customer when they complain and cancel their account.I am talking about Time Warner Cable.

I am not going to get into a big story here, I am on vacation at Dune Point Fire Island working on the first chapters of my new Alec Baldwin book, that hopefully will be ready for everyone to read sometime next year. But when I was on vacation last May, I left New York City forgetting to mail a check, and I can not believe the harassing phone calls from Time Warner,  for a bill around a hundred bucks. 

The calls came non-stop and they were automated calls. When I pressed a button to speak to someone, I was on hold for a hour and I finally hung up. Then when this automated system called me again, I pressed the leave a message button and left a message to disconnect me, I am tired of these harassing phone calls while I was on vacation. I left my phone number for a live person to call me back, and no one did. So the automated calls continued for my whole trip, even at night when I was having dinner.

When I finally got back, I called Time Warner Cable and told them to disconnect me. I asked them where do I return the cable boxes and they told me 23rd street. I went over and gave them the boxes and asked to pay the final bill. They said they would send one to me.

A few weeks later I got one, it was for around 160 bucks, I have no idea what those charges were for, but I wanted to get rid of them, so I was going to send out a check that week. But it was not to be. Two days later, I received a letter from a collection agency. Can you believe this? They send out a final bill and two days later they send you a letter from a collection agency. These mothers. Not only does their cable system suck, they have no idea on what customer care is. The only show I enjoyed on their systems anyway, was NY1 News. 

So I start getting these harassing phone calls from a collection agency. They were nasty. I told them I was going to send a check to Time Warner Cable, they told me I was not allowed. I told them if I send a check to them, watch them cash it. I did and they cashed it. In this day and age, you do not need these companies that have no idea of customer service.  

Never-ever will I use Time Warner again. This company is another example of corporations gone wild. And you also have to remember that they bill you a month in advance for service, so what the hell is with these harassing calls?

I got ROKU which is great. I have my Netflix account, My Hulu and Amazon Prime. I have more than Time Warner ever gave me at very little cost. We do not need cable anymore. Tell these companies they give us no customer service and tell them goodbye!

Thursday, August 08, 2013



By: G.H. Harding

This Town By Mark Leibovich

WINTERBLE HITS THIS TOWN --- XM radio host Brett Winterble interviewed New York Times Magazine chief correspondent Mark Leibovich on his new book This Town; Two Parties and a Funeral plus plenty of Valet Parking! (Blue Rider Press); where Leibovich reflects on Washington and the town it has become. “It’s become a full carnival in recent years; D. C. has become the wealthiest community in the U.S.”

Reflecting on the return of such dubious names as Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner, Liebovich says, “The unemployment line in politics is never really that long; you just knew guys like Spiztzer and Weiner would be back, be it with a blog or book.” 

Winterble offered up a talk radio show option for them, but Leibovich said the "Moral character of talk radio is way too high even for those guys.” Too funny!

MONUMENTS ARE HERE --- Just saw the trailer for the new George Clooney-written and directed movie, The Monuments Men. With an all-star cast, including Daniel Craig; Bill Murray; Matt Damon; Bob Balaban; Cate Blanchett; John Goodman; Jean Dujardin; and, Clooney himself (based on the book by Robert M. Edsel) - and, it certainly sets the stage well for the much anticipated movie. 

The movie concerns a group of soldiers during WWII who are dispatched to the war front to help U.S. forces rescue various art masterpieces, from being plundered by Hitler’s forces.

The trailer at first glance seemed like an odd combination of the Ocean’s 11 movies; with Clooney and Damon sitting at a bar discussing what they were going to do; and, Clooney himself, in a Nazi-uniform with a mustache, reminding me of his character in The Good German.

There is one dynamite line spoken by Clooney in the trailer: "If you destroy an entire generation of people's culture, it's as if they never existed. That's what Hitler wants and it's the one thing we can't allow."

The spectacle of seeing so many marquee names was rather overwhelming too. Talk about being front-loaded.

One thing’s for sure: never, ever count George out! The movie’s out December 18.

TIME WARNER & CBS --- As we go to press, CBS and Time Warner have agreed … to start the negotiation process again; after an almost one-week strike. Seems Time Warner has thrown up in place of CBS, some programming from Starz, which is a pay channel. 

I turned to it twice this week and the movies there I’d had never heard of. Listen closely: it’s the sound of the customer getting shafted again!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013



By: G.H. Harding

George Clooney

THE WAY WAY BACK --- Last week we caught The Way, Way Back, which we loved, as much for the slightly-askew casting of Steve Carrel against type, as for the delightful script written by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash; who adapted the Kaui Hart Hemming’s The Descendants (starring George Clooney), which won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 2011.

Though the plot reminded us more than once of Greg Mottolla’s awesome youth-epic Adventureland back in 2001 (Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart), the entire production flows with a electrifying performance from, of all people, Sam Rockwell, as Owen, the manager of the local water park (the Water Wizz), where young Duncan (Liam James) is reeling from his mother’s new relationship with Trent (Carell), who may or may not be cheating on her; and, treats young Duncan like an afterthought; the very first scene of the movie is Carell telling young Duncan he’s a 3 on a scale of 10. 

 Sam Rockwell

AnnaSophia Robb
Owen however, treats Duncan like a new found friend; gives him a job and some much needed life direction. Rockwell’s been around for years, but with this role totally captivates the movie. To me, it’s one of the best performances of this year. Alison Janney, as a local neighborhood, with a snooty daughter to boot, is hilarious, if a bit over the top. Toni Collete, as Duncan’s mom, borders on the serious and brings a dour momentum to the proceedings. You like her; feel sorry for her … but, can’t quite get over the fact that she may be her own worst enemy. The period music is outrageously enjoyable and young Duncan’s burgeoning relationship with Janney’s daughter Susanna, essayed by a terrific AnnaSophia Robb, is plain exquisite. When you first see Duncan on screen, he is the target of Trent’s insensitivity; by the end of the movie, he’s victorious; winning the girl, and maybe even some way-due respect from Carell. And, well on his way to a meaningful life. It’s quite a movie; I loved it.

Al Pacino

PACINO & CHICAGO --- An Al Pacino movie broke out in the middle of a concert by the band Chicago, with thousands of fans serving as extras.

Cameras were wheeled onstage during intermission of the group's show at L. A.’s Greek Theatre on Friday night to film a scene from Pacino's upcoming movie Imagine, in which he plays aging rock star Danny Collins.

With coaching from writer/director (Dan Fogelman), the crowd chanted the name of Pacino's character as the 73-year-old actor walked on stage to sing "Hey Baby Doll" in a black suit. The movie co-stars Michael Caine, Annette Bening and Jennifer Garner.

"This is an improvisation," Pacino told the crowd. "You just came in and got it. That's not easy."

Chicago's band members remained on stage to watch and clap along during the 25-minute filming.

Earlier in the group’s set, Joe Mantegna of CBS' Criminal Minds TV-show joined his hometown band to sing "If You Leave Me Now."

Pacino returned to the stage during Chicago's encore and sang and danced to their hit "25 or 6 to 4."

"For a shy guy from the South Bronx, this has been great," Pacino said.

Watch it on YouTube

CBS VS. TIME WARNER --- 5 P.M. ET this past Friday; Time Warner pulled the plug on all-CBS stations (cable too) in 8 markets. After weeks of threats from both sides, including a crawl on the bottom of your home screen on most CBS shows (which proved a lot more irritatingly than usual) … it happened. 

TWC has said CBS wants to raise the fee as much as 600%, though it says that figure is based on an average fee it pays for all CBS stations in service areas. 

Without revealing specific numbers, CBS said fees from cable companies should be in line with the popularity of its shows - including NCIS, Under the Dome, The Big Bang Theory, David Letterman, 60 Minutes - and denied that it's looking for a 600% increase. "What CBS seeks, and what we always have sought from the beginning, is fair compensation for the most-watched television network with the most popular content in the world. We will not accept less," the network said.

What is true is that both parties are probably guilty in this; CBS wants a lot and TW wants a lot less.

Insiders say that it will probably be settled as the fall season rolls around in the coming weeks. I predict that the government will ultimately intervene. For me, tonight was a crucial episode of Under The Dome (based on the Stephen King book) which has dragged on for weeks, becoming the #1 show. As always … the viewer’s get shafted.

LAMPIASI’S CURTAIN CALL --- After an amazing year, 10-year old Nicholas Lampiasi’s final performance playing "Les" in Disney’s Newsies is Sunday Sept 8th. His last week performances are: Monday Sept 2 @ 7:30 PM; Wednesday Sept 4 @ 7:30 PM; Saturday Sept 7 @ 8 PM; and, Sunday Sept 8 @ 3:00 PM. According to his PR-rep David Salidor, they'll be a fete-after that final show. Hollywood is calling …. Look for Nick next, on the big screen. Good luck!

Monday, October 29, 2012



Time Warner Cable Lets Customers Down During Storm

Well, it's right in the middle of a hurricane and Time Warner cable is out. Considering that most of New York City's cables are underground, this is not right.

From speaking to customer representatives, I have a strange feeling that they cut out the service on purpose, to save their equipment like the MTA. This in a time of a emergency, is unthinkable.  If you lose some equipment in a emergency to keep your customers informed to what is happening in the city, then you are doing your job. To keep New Yorkers in the dark at the sake of saving some equipment, just really sucks.

As a new Times Warner customer for only two weeks, already it is time to look for a new company that I can count on in case of emergency.

Time Warner let New Yorkers down!