Oprah In Jet Magazine

In the September 2nd issue of JET magazine, readers get details from an intimate interview with cover subject Oprah Winfrey.

After a 15-year hiatus from acting, the media icon returns to the big screen in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, opening in theaters nationwide on August 16th. During her one-on-one conversation with JET Editor-in-Chief, Mitzi Miller, Winfrey opened up about why she took the role and how she anticipates its reception among the public.

“This film is a tribute to both the working-class Negro of that time and all of the many unsung heroes whose names never made the history books,” said Winfrey. “It never occurred to me that there could be any [backlash] until you said it… But if there’s a backlash, so be it,” she continued.

The first Black female billionaire also gets candid about her struggles, including the difficulties and disappointments she has had with her network, OWN, and what she believes truly holds the majority of people back from achieving true success.

She said, “The biggest fallacy on earth is that you can be anything that you want to be. You can only be what you were meant to be.”

The issue also provides more celebrity insight as singer, and Cover Girl spokesperson, Janelle Monae provides a colorful talk about her eclectic style and how she’s monetizing her talent in the challenging music business.

The issue hits newsstands on August 12, 2013

About JET

JET is the No. 1 African-American newsweekly and has more than seven million readers. The publication was initially billed as “The Weekly Negro News Magazine,” and is noted for its role in chronicling the early days of the American Civil Rights movement from its earliest years -- including coverage of the Emmett Till murder, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and Martin Luther King, Jr. The magazine has been a staple in homes and businesses of Black Americans since 1951, bringing life to its popular catchphrase: “If it isn’t in JET, it didn’t happen.” JET is the beloved bible of African-Americans and ranks No. 4 in reader engagement.