Photos By: Patrick McMullan

Jean And Martin Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff With Edward Callaghan And Sharon Kerr

Cassandra Seidenfeld With Gregory D'Elia

Cathy And Merrill Duemler

Basi Zirinis With Sandra McConnell

Katlean de Monchy With Emily Post And David Post

Cliff And Raya Knight

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff hosted a cocktail reception with SEQUIN owners Linda and Kim Renk, to benefit the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation recently at SEQUIN in Southampton.The cocktail party served as a small "thank you' party for all those who worked on the Shelter's 4th Annual "Unconditional Love" Gala.

Those attending the cocktail party included the Shelter’s “Angel” Susan Allen, Board President Jonathan McCann, NBC's Jill Rappaport, Martin Shafiroff, Sandra McConnell, Basil Zirinis, Sharon Kerr, Cheryl Dovenberg, Raya and Cliff Knight, Chele Chiavacci, Richard Farley, Cathy Duemler and Merrill Duemler, Tom Radcliffe, Lee Fryd, Katlean DeMonchy and Greg D'Elia. Also on hand were many of the shelter’s employees and devoted volunteer workers.

Guests sipped champagne while viewing Sequin's extraordinary collection of fashion jewelry. Jean Shafiroff wore a strapless cocktail dress by Paule Ka along with faux diamond jewelry from Sequin. Kim Renk and Linda Renk wore dresses by Pucci and Sequin jewelry creations. A percentage of all sales were donated to the Southampton Animal Shelter.


Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing for the welfare of homeless pets in our community of twenty-two towns and, in turn, placing them in permanent caring homes. SASF has been called one of the most progressive shelters in the country, having recently won an award as the finest shelter on Long Island and ranked in the top 10% of the best rated shelters in the U.S. In addition, the Shelter leads the country with its "live release rate", which means that of all dogs and cats brought to the shelter, 94% are adopted into loving homes. SASF is an open intake shelter that welcomes stray pets regardless of age, breed, or health providing them with with the finest care, food, training, and medical attention. No adoptable animal is left behind!

To learn more, please visit SASF’s website at