Angelo David

Angelo David, owner of the renowned Angelo David Salon in New York City always has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to styling celebrities for magazine covers. But his best-kept secret is own Couture Hair Extensions, which he spent years developing. Their seamless integration can give any woman magazine cover-worthy hair, which is why Angelo David Salon now offers House Call services—to local hotels, yachts and even hospital beds.

“We can work under any conditions to give our clients the hair they always wanted,” says Angelo.

But what if you have more than one “condition”—like going from a daytime business luncheon to an evening soiree? That’s just like a photo shoot!

“When styling for photo shoots, I often change the hairstyle to get more than one look,” explains Angelo. “This means the hair has to be pliable enough to make fast style changes. I use my Premier Volume Spray at the roots, style the hair and allow a little time for it to “set.” Then I can easily create more structured styles, later.

“At home or on set, the trick is to minimize product use for your day look and keep it simple. Once you have a solid foundation, you can transition to more elaborate hair styling when you switch to your evening look. For example, you can blow dry hair smooth in the morning, then create a beautiful textured up do at night.”

When working on location outdoors, wind and humidity create the biggest challenges. That’s when Angelo gets serious about using anti-humectant hairspray. He also uses his own Angelo David New York Zero Frizz Control prior to styling, to prevent frizz (which really gets magnified in an HD photograph), and help smooth the hair down.

The Man Behind the Looks

For an outdoor shoot with Christie Brinkley, who Angelo describes as “a drop-dead gorgeous, true pro,” Angelo added a few hair extensions just to complete the look and prevent wind from over-tousling her already thick tresses.

There are always surprises on set, and not all involve the hair. Working indoors with Kelly Rutherford at the New York landmark, The Mark Hotel, Angelo was prepared to create a glamour style for Avenue magazine’s Hollywood issue. But breakfast came first. Everyone was impressed when Kelly ordered “chicken and rice,” rather heavy morning fare, but when she called over her dog and fed it to him, everyone had a laugh. “She was so warm and easy going,” says Angelo.

Interior designer Meg Sharpe, who created New York nightlife buzz when she decorated The Lion and Bills, usually likes to keep things simple. But she was so “beautiful with such stature,” that Angelo transformed her into a modern day Gibson Girl for her cover shoot. “Every woman needs a glamorous, sultry night-time look,” says Angelo.

Even when Shoshanna Lonstein wore her own clothing line’s vintage hat for a “style issue” shoot, Angelo added a few hat tricks of his own. “Even with a hat, the hair should show and add a feminine frame behind the face,” he says. Is it easy to create that fullness from behind or is it hair extensions? Only Angelo can tell for sure, and he’s not talking. “Some secrets stay between a woman and her hairdresser.”

To book an in-salon appointment or a NYC house call and be ready for your own close-up, call Angelo David Salon at 212-883-6620.