The Stack Artist Rendering

Standing side by side with wide-eyed Inwood residents, developers Jeffrey Brown and Kimberly Frank watched from Broadway as the first few stories of their cutting-edge modular building project, The Stack, was literally stacked into place. In the coming weeks the rest of their prefabricated housing development will be delivered via truck bed and effortlessly assembled like Lego bricks with just an eight-man construction crew and a single crane.

Located at 4857 Broadway in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan the 38,000-square-foot concrete and steel residential and retail building is the first of its kind to be built in New York City and was manufactured entirely off-site by DeLuxe Building Systems in Berwick, Pennsylvania. It was shipped to New York City in the form of 56 separate modules that will eventually comprise the seven-story complex of 28 individual apartments with 4,000-square-feet of retail space on the first floor.

This method of construction makes for efficient on-site integration and greater unit quality control. Once the 56 prefabricated modules (all constructed by hand off-site in a controlled environment) are set in place, move-in time will come quickly. A small team will comb The Stack, connecting utilities and adding finishing touches, while a fa├žade is affixed to the side of the building.

“This project exemplifies the opportunity to create an exciting design for living while enjoying the benefits and efficiencies of controlled, offsite fabrication. As builders and developers, we are intrigued with this methodology and its application on a multitude of new projects,” said Jeffrey Brown, The Stack’s developer and general contractor.

Jeffrey M. Brown, CEO of Brown Hill Development, and Kim Frank, owner of real estate finance firm MCA, bring a combined fifty years of industry experience and have collaborated on various innovative development projects including the Porter House in New York’s Meatpacking District.

Each of The Stack’s modules is manufactured in a controlled environment to maintain strict quality control.

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