By: G. H. Harding

 Jane Fonda

Sam Waterston
NEWSROOM  --- Aaron Sorkin’s much heralded The Newsroom (on HBO) began its sophomore season last night with somewhat mixed results. Borrowing a device from his Social Network movie, the first images are of several cast members recalling an earlier event. In plain English, that means he’s setting us up for a rather surreal (I bet) flash back; with each cast member revealing what happened in their own way. A bit tricky, but a great way to reveal the same event in several ways. Producer Maggie (Alison Pill) first look is with a rather, severe, somewhat twisted-pink haircut; a far cry from her rather demure look last season … certainly to be told is the reveal. Either you're a fan of Sorkin’s Democratic-prose, or you're not. I am and even thought this first episode had moments that dragged a bit … I loved it.

A special appearance by Jane Fonda, as the head-doyenne at the fictional AWM News (Leona Lansing), ratcheted the action into first gear. Jeff Daniels (Will McAvoy) is great; and, in many ways, the best thing he’s ever done. Sam Waterston is superb as well. Yes, he does register a rather Jack McCoy-ish vibe, but, he’s sensational. 

Sorkin’s writing is reflective and dramatic; at times a bit irritating, but somehow it all works terrifically well. Emily Mortimer’s producer-MacKenzie McHale is superb too. 

Cory Monteith

Ryan Murphy
CORY MONTEITH --- The first season of Fox’s Glee was superlative. Besides introducing us to a host of terrific young, actors, the story line was terrific. A High School glee-club … who would have thunk it? Chief among the actors was Canadian-born Cory Monteith. As Finn, the football player (with a heart of gold) who could sing; he dealt with a literally mesmerizing array of problems and through it all, always won! Monteith, a somewhat trouble-kid, was astonishingly good and won over everyone. His death this past weekend is just plain tragic. And, at 31 no less. He was, amazingly adept at everything. A major, major loss. He was the heart and soul of the show and it'll be interesting to see where creator Ryan Murphy now takes us, RIP Cory.

CHRISTOPHER CROSS --- Christopher Cross’ impressive career started in 1981 with his self-titled album, which sold 20 million copies worldwide and was hailed by critics as a rock masterpiece. 3 tracks from that album “Ride Like The Wind,” “All Right” and “Sailing,” topped the charts and Cross himself won 3 Grammy Awards. Last year he released the critically acclaimed album Doctor Faith and recorded the brand new 2-CDDVD set A Night In Paris. The album was filmed (by 9 HD cameras) at the notorious Theatre Le Traianon in Paris; and, show was filled with his classics as well as well as his newer material.

The all-star band was terrific, especially Richie Gajate Gracia on percussion and keyboardist Kiki Ebsen. “Ride Like The Wind” was especially well received and his performance is terrific. If you're a fan; this is a must see project.

Megan Hilty

HILTY AT PLAY --- Her Smash may be a distant memory, but actress/Broadway star Megan Hilty stopped in at Chris Gilman’s Yerba Buena Perry over the weekend to announce a project in L. A. She leaves today.