Jimmy Fallon

Kibbles ’n Bits released a new survey this week with some fun and corky celebrity stats:

Kibbles ’n Bits surveyed some celebrity-loving dog parents and asked them: If your pup had a voice, which celebrity would it sound like?

· Nearly one-third (35%) of those with female dogs think their canine would most sound like Whoopi Goldberg over other celebrities with distinct voices

· One quarter (26%) of those with male pups think their dogs would sound like Morgan Freeman

As far as talk show wars, dog parents had specific thoughts on who has the better dog voice:

· Over one-third (34%) think Jimmy Fallon would make a better voice for a dog than other present and past talk show hosts. Nearly one in four (22%) name Jimmy Kimmel as having this talent

· Almost a quarter (24%) of dog owners think that if they sounded like Regis Philbin, they might get their dogs most excited for mealtime over other celebs with standout voices. Far fewer chose Regis’ successor, Michael Strahan (9%). What would Kelly think?!

Dog parents also saw Golden Girl Betty White as the best doggie babysitter:

· If they had to choose a celebrity to care for their dogs for a day, (54%) of Americans would choose animal lover Betty White

Kibbles ’n Bits and Kelton Research have surveyed dog parents across the country for a national contest that launched Friday. The contest, “Capture Your Bits of Love,” features pet parents talking to the camera in their best “doggie voice.” The winner will receive $5,000 and a lifetime supply of Kibbles ’n Bits.