The Great Gatsby

FASHION, FLAPPERS, SEX AND SUFFRAGE – New upstart imprint Event Bookazines are prepping perhaps their most risque title yet, The Great Gatsby Era; all about the fabulous roaring ‘20s that were marked with glitz, glamour and a whole lot of misbehaving. Lovingly edited by Liza Lentini, who did the same outstanding job on their Book Of Miracles issue; the 144-page magazine is filled chapters on Gangster Style; The Cotton Club; Flappers; The Great White Way; and on the novel, The Great Gatsby; which defined the era. According to Event Bookazine major domo Tony Seidl, “I was standing at the airport newsstand, looking at the magazine rack and it dawned on me … many of the usual magazines had been replaced with single-subject magazines, like on The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. I knew then that they were the future of the publishing business. Collectible magazines.” Also next month comes their DiCaprio issue, edited by Mark Bego. Maverick-editor Seidl added, “I helped pioneer the instant book … and, very clearly now, it’s the instant magazine. It's a book, in a magazine format.”

DIS AT 29 --- Veteran PR-magnet David Salidor celebrated his 29th year in business last month; maintaining his dis COMPANY. As busy as ever (he’s worked with Madonna, Run DMC and Debbie Gibson), the peripatetic Salidor sat with us to discuss the changes he’s seen. “Obviously the advent of social media has been key. It’s a development that literally gives you instant access. Facebook and Twitter are just essential in today’s media environment. I also have to say that the demise of the daily issues on Variety and Hollywood Reporter felt strange at first, but make perfect sense in today’s world. I do miss Variety’s Army Archerd, but Cindy Adams is as vital and ever.”

Salidor says that in many ways he’s busier than ever, with clients as diverse as 10-year Nicholas Lampiasi, currently in Disney’s Newsies, and XM Radio’s Brett Winterble. “Brett spoke to Steve Van Zandt yesterday right after the opening of his Rascals show on Broadway and Law & Order’s Richard Belzer today.” He’s also working with new artists Danielle Dease and Dominick DiPietrantonio, as well as Micky Dolenz . “That’s the life of this business … new artists. That’s what keeps me going.”