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GUESS WHO, DON'T SUE --- We had a dinner last night with someone who books the celebrity-personalities for one of the hottest new radio talk shows out there and we were completely dumbfounded by what he had to say about the competitive booking practices for radio and TV. We had heard for years about the trials-and-tribulations of being a Booker … but, we never completely thought it out … till the other night. This young man, who we certainly cannot name, started off by talking about the imminent arrival of Jimmy Fallon (replacing Leno) next year as the new host of The Tonight Show and how that will impact trying to get your artist or group on his show or on the Letterman show, for that matter. He said that up till now, The Late Show With David Letterman, or Late Night, had a solid lock on any booking procedures here in NYC. He said that now, with Fallon, they’ll be more of an equal or democratic footing for everybody. “The Late Show has two very, very talented ladies doing the music bookings, but if you can’t offer them an ad buy for the appearance, you’d best not even pitch it … or, even call. Face it, the advertising is what drives all these bookings.”  He continued, “The people over at Fallon, have been totally fair and honorable. An ad buy was great, but not necessary.” 

He does wonder, that with Fallon being in prime time … will everything be somewhat amped up? “NBC’s had a terrible year … so, that thought will certainly be in the back of their minds when they book anyone. If anything, it might free up the Letterman-people to be a bit more open and amenable.” This fellow’s show is on radio, but even he’s had trouble generating marquee names. “We’ve been trying to get Dave Grohl for his Sound City movie and soundtrack and we’ve been consistently been shut down by his PR firm. I get that they want to get this best for him, but to think out of the box a bit, wouldn’t be a bad idea for anyone. The funny thing is that the host used to be in the music industry and the interview would have been terrific for him.” He went onto to explain that PR firms usually run interference, so even if he met Grohl tomorrow face-to-face tomorrow, Grohl would blame the firm. He continues, “The stars know that, it’s just a shame for their audience; if they knew, they’d be disappointed.” 

Just this week he also had a problem with Paul Anka, who has a new book and duets-album out. “I’ve always been an Anka-fan and looked forward to having him. My radio fellow spent 45-minutes the other night discussing his talents and successes … and, then we were turned down by his PR-firm in L. A. But, we're going to keep on talking about him and how time couldn't be made for us. And, we're friends with his son-in-law Jason Bateman. So sad.”

It’s a nasty business and the competition is fierce.” After the Tonight Show being out of New York for 40 years, it will be an interesting phase.

DIY - MEET DIANE ARKENSTONE --- For multi-platinum selling recording artist Diane Arkenstone a renewed sense of freedom can be discovered by composing and performing contemporary music in one of her many well versed styles. Early in life she was blessed with the gifted abilities of a natural born artist and composer, which has led to many achievements during each phase of her music career.

Adaptable to a variety of music categories her natural talent and adaptability has never been more clearly pronounced than her new vocal instrumental album titled Union Road, just out on March 26th 2013. 

The multi-talented Arkenstone is a popular artist most people will recognize, especially those who favor the Celtic, Native American, instrumental, new age, and world music categories. In addition to her own releases like the Billboard Charting Jewel in the Sun, and top radio chart recording, The Best Of Diane Arkenstone, she has also been a member of associated groups most people are familiar with. 

On her newest effort, one track, “Corner of Nowhere” just knocked me out. Her delicate rhythms and off-beat instrumentation shone through. Performing acoustic guitar, dulcimer, kalimba and percussion, the album is a perfect songwriting talents as a vocalist and lyricist are on display, highlighting her capabilities as a contemporary singer with charming lyrical optimism on nine of eleven songs.  


Anonymous said…
It's Diane Arkenstone not Arkenson.
James Edstrom said…
Thank you, correction made!