Friday, April 12, 2013



The Demi Lovato Interview

Demi Lovato stopped by the morning show yesterday to talk to Elvis and the gang about her new album, as well as her position as a judge on The X Factor. 

Her new album “Demi”, released May 14, features her hit single “Heart Attack”, as well as a collaboration with U.K. X Factor Finalist, Cher Lloyd. When asked about her new songs, Lovato revealed that “some are very catchy pop songs that will get stuck in your head. Other songs are a lot heavier than things I’ve released in the past.”

In addition to her new album, Lovato will be a judge on the new season of The X Factor. After being a judge last season, Demi feels confident about heading into the position this time around. Although 2 of the 4 judges are not coming back, she is excited to continue to be part of the show. Elvis asked, “What is it you love most about that show in particular?” to which Lovato replied, “X Factor is awesome. You’re not just looking for the good voice…You really have to take into consideration all of the aspects. Where would this person fit in the market? Can this person carry a concert? Is this person going to be able to entertain America? Rather than just can they sing a good song.”

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